NBA tournament recommended – Thunder VS Lakers

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In January 9, 2016 11:30Thunder VS LakersThe two sides are expected starting:Thunder:Wesbrook, Durant, Adams, Robson, yibaka;Lakers:Clarkson, Williams, Kobe, Nancy, Hibbert.

Youter western sports: 13.5 points for the thunder ".

The Lakers and the thunder strength has obvious gap, purple and gold is very difficult to win, but anything is possible, on both sides of the season before the two hand, the total loss to the thunder 75, created some embarrassing record, the game at Staples Center, Kobe led the fight for dignity, since since March 10, 2014, the Lakers never beat the thunder in the home court, this time, his will led to attack.

Although the Lakers beat Sert once before and seventy-six and the sun ushered in three straight season long, but recently the 2 battle with the warriors and kings when they were beaten back, at present they still in the West Bank from the bottom first. The Lakers defense team this season regular season really cannot withstand a single blow, averaging loss score of 105.8 points, the last defensive efficiency in NBA. In addition, the Lakers nearly 10 times against the thunder lost 9 field, in the season before the 2 encounter is averaging a net negative adversary to 37.5 points, thus the difference in strength between the two sides of disparity, the Lakers battle combat terrorism against another home court.

In the last 1 home court battle Memphis, Durant volunteered his comeback in the second half of 8 to 7, the game won a total of 26 points, teamed up with Weiss Burke led the thunder to 18 points advantage beat the Grizzlies to return to winning rail. It is worth mentioning that, after this battle, Durant career total score to 16307 points, beyond Mabel rose to ninety-seventh place in the history of scoring. Thunder recently 3 battle to victory, Durant and Weiss Burke two per field score more than 20 points, the thunder this battle to beat the Lakers is an easy job to do.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to make 13.5 points wins the thunder.