[W88] 2015-2016 England eudem Football Super League fourteenth round race


Beijing time on November 28th (Saturday) 23:00, is about to usher in the fourteenth round of the 2015-2016 England Football Super League match, the following small series on ahead of schedule with you to preview the game arrangements and events analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2015\/11\/28 (Saturday) 23:00 Aston Vera Waterford
2015\/11\/28 (Saturday) 23:00 Bournemouth Everton
2015\/11\/28 (Saturday) 23:00 Crystal Palace Newcastle
2015\/11\/28 (Saturday) 23:00 Manchester City Southampton
2015\/11\/28 (Saturday) 23:00 Sunderland Stoke City
2015\/11\/29 (Sunday) 01:30 Leicester Manchester United
2015\/11\/29 (Sunday) 20:00 Spurs Chelsea
2015\/11\/29 (Sunday) 22:05 West Ham West Brom
2015\/11\/30 (Monday) 00:15 Liverpool Swansea
2015\/11\/30 (Monday) 00:15 Norwich A Senna

Aston VeravsWaterford

[data analysis]

In 2, Vera nearly 8 Round 1 flat 7 negative, a total of 8 games only scored 5 points; still bottom, 5 points behind the relegation zone.
3、Waterford上轮主场1-2惨遭Manchester United绝杀,比赛中球队头号球星迪尼在最后时刻先罚入了扳平比分的点球,然后却又迅速自摆乌龙,给Manchester United送出3分大礼。
5, after the 06\/07 Premier League season, the two teams have not had a record.

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