Recommended – tournament Champions League Leicester VS Oporto


In September 28, 2016 02:45, the two sides are expected starting: Leicester, Hernandez, Morgan, Pepo Schmeichel, Fuchs, Maheras, Huth, Ma Tai, Al Brandon, Drinkwater, Vardi, Oporto, Sliema; Casillas, Felipe, Mar Cano, Laron, Hector Herrera, Danilo teles, Parreira, Torres, Corona, Andre Olivier, Silva Ota Veigneau

Youter western sports: 2-2.5 - ball chupan leicester.

The Champions League group phase G group to start the second round, Leicester city will be based on the Portuguese Oporto home court. The Champions League debutants Leicester city in the group phase draw with Oporto, Bruges and Copenhagen three teams in the group, although the opponent is the Champions League the familiar face, but the list of the city of Leicester is undoubtedly a good sign. The three teams in the most threatening opponent is Oporto, the Portuguese giants as had won the European Cup team of strength can not be underestimated.

At the last round of the English Premier League defeat to Manchester United, currently 2 wins 1 flat 3 negative 7 points ranked eleventh, to fight the rhythm of the four or more difficult to maintain in the Premier League this season, the League Cup exit is a good thing for the team, the team can at least more focus on the Champions League. Game is the club's first Champions League home court game. The influence of Kanter on the team this season. He is not small, and injured, and goalkeeper Schmeh Cheel because of a concussion missed several games last round of League zieler performance is not satisfactory.

Oporto last season ranked Portuguese third, has three consecutive season missed the Champions League, but they in the Champions League playoff eliminated Rome to qualify for the Champions League first round they tie with Copenhagen. The team this season from Atletico Madrid loaned jautin and Oliver Torres, imported from Liverpool, Teixeira from Waterford to buy their performance in Laron this season, the League under new coach Nuno Santo under the leadership is also normal, at present product 13 points ranked third, the team lineup neat, defender M- Parreira lack of play, but not what impact on the team.

Recommended Oporto two goals of the transfer of two balls and a half.