At the client (PT) to download the new version of the client


In order to provide you with a better gaming experience and service, the club has upgraded mirage. Please uninstall the old version of the client, the official website to download and install a new version of the game!

[Computer client]

The following Xiaobian together with you to uninstall the client to install a new client of the whole process ~!

1 first of all, please open your computer desktop, click "start" - "all programs" - "control panel". As follows:


2 go to the control panel page, click "program"". As follows:


3 into the "program" page, select the PT client folder, double-click the left mouse button two. (after successful selection, the details of the file below the page) are shown below:


4 Click the client folder, the page will pop up to determine the uninstall tips. Please click: "yes."". As follows:


5 to determine the "uninstall", the page will show "uninstall completed". When the progress is all green, you can close the window. As follows:


6 after completion of unloading, enter the URL to visit the official website home page, move the mouse to the left side of the page "download", find "golden club" computer download version. As follows:


7 Click on the "golden club" computer download version, in the pop-up window click on the download page". As follows:


8 select "immediately download", the page will pop up to determine the operation of the prompt, please click "run". As follows:


9 "run" software, you need to select the client language, please choose "simplified Chinese", click: "ok". As follows:


10 select the end of the client language, the page will pop up the progress of the download, you need to wait for the green progress shows complete. As follows:


11 progress shows that after the completion of the successful download. The client page will pop up to enter the "user name" and "password" tips, log on to the client, please add in front of the user name"W88". As follows:


Andy: Live Casino Club + slot machine

您可通过官网页面[Download Area]下载。或通过进入[真人娱乐城]Download. Mouse floating slot machine[金殿俱乐部]Download immediately. After the download is complete, you can easily install the game.

如上述,您可从官网的三个位置获取下载途径,也可直接点击[下载PTComputer client]便捷下载。

Mobile client (slot machine + live entertainment city)

Uninstall client



2 as shown below to find the slot machine and mirage Entertainment City real mobile phone client.


3 the following chart, click OK to unload. Page prompts you to uninstall successfully.


Install client


Youter W88 I wish you in the web game happy, good luck.

In the course of the operation, if you have any questions, you can always consult our online customer service, thank you.