Western sports 10% bonus

 西方体育Every day10%再存奖金-优德W88官网The western sports Asian Version, the European version of the new horizons, a week thousands of games for your choice, you add W88 youter,Every dayEnjoy the 10% deposit bonus, double win sports events!

 Rules and provisions:
  1. Activity time begins at 01 00:00:00 January 201Seven (Beijing time), ending at 23:59:59 on January 31st (Beijing time).
  2. This event is only applicable to all members in W88 registered youter rmb.
  3. This event only applies to betting on Western sports.
  4. 优惠期间Every day至少有一笔成功的存款,方可申请此再存优惠。
  5. During the event, after you successfully deposit, transfer to the western sports wallet, enter the following code to obtain the corresponding dividend:
    bonus code Bonus ratio Maximum bonus amount Running water multiple
    CNSBRB10 10% Three hundred Seven
  6. 流水要求:您需要在西方体育达到存款和红利的Seven倍有效投注方可提款。
    For example: deposit amount: 100 yuan;
    Bonus amount: 100X10%=10 yuan
  7. 如何使用bonus code,您可以参照这里。
  8. Any draw, bet, void, cancelled note, and a sporting event below the Hongkong 0.5 (Euro 1.5) will not be counted in the active.
  9. 每个会员Every day仅限申请一次,此优惠不与首存、返水、串关百分百返利共享。
  10. Youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment game player, youter W88 has the right to all member or a member to cancel this offer at any time.
  11. Youter W88 the general terms and conditions apply to this offer.