Happy color play introduced


Happy color is a kind of China (Beijing), Canada, Australia, Malta, South Korea and Slovakia region of the official results based lottery game. Xiaobian to introduce you to the 80 numbers contained in the happy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Out of 1 to 80 by the random number in the Twenty figures as numbers, according to the Twenty number change into various different ways, according to the different grades of gameplay can get bonus.

Each area of the lottery results will be strictly in accordance with the official results of proofreading. In the event of any of the following circumstances, the management will retain the right to cancel and cancel the affected period:

  • If you can't get official results for a long time
  • If official results open before the system is closed

Beijing market switching time:
The lottery time: Opening: 09:00 disk: 24:00 [Beijing] time

Canadian market timing:
The lottery time: Opening: 21:00 disk: Twenty:00 the next day [Beijing]

Australian market switch time:
Time: Monday to Thursday "[] opening: 04:45 disk: 00:Thirty the next day [are] Beijing time

South Korea market switch time:
The lottery time: Opening: 07:00 disk: 05:00 the next day [Beijing]

Slovakia market switching time:
The lottery time: Opening: Eleven:00 disk: 05:50 the next day [Beijing]

Interpretation of the play:

CasesThe lottery results are as follows;

Lottery numbers
01 Twenty 04 Sixty-four 05 Thirty-six Ten Twenty-seven Forty Eleven
Fifty-four Thirteen Seventy-nine Thirty Thirty-two Sixty-seven Thirty-three Fifty-nine Forty-seven Sixty-one

Large and small:开出的Twenty个号码的总数值为游戏结果.总和8Ten以上为大,8Ten以下为小.

Cases:如上开奖结果,Twenty个号码的总数值为693.(<8Ten ),此局为小

Upper and lower:号码1至Forty为上盘号码,41至80为下盘号码.开出的Twenty个Lottery numbers中,





The number more than lower number, this bureau is on.

Odd, and even:开出的Twenty个中奖号码中,如果奇数号码的数目比偶数的数目多,则为奇盘;

If the number of an even number is more than the number of odd numbers, it is even disk.




Odd number more than an even number, the Bureau for the plate.

Single and double:开出的Twenty个号码的总数值为奇数,则总数为单.开出的Twenty个号码的总数值为偶数,则总数为双.


Size single and double pass:开出的Twenty个号码的总数值为游戏结果.




Five lines:Gold, wood, water, fire, soil, the total value of the range.




Zhu zi:80 and the number of selected 1 to 5 numbers into a group of bets. The player will choose the betting number and the winning number control, according to the selected number and the number of matches in line with the number of number (order not limited) to determine the corresponding winning level.

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