Super 98 bonus (twenty-eighth)

The first play, winning 5% extra high pay, even more to win or even defeat the highest bonus 2Eighty-eight!

Rules and provisions:
1 activities began on January 2017, 00:00, 01, as of 23:59 on January 31, 2017 (Beijing time).

2 this offer is only applicable to the registration of the WEighty-eight membership youter rmb.

3 of the concession period, youter Club reality Entertainment City baccarat game Super 98,The same table on the continuous bettingAnd,Minimum bet per game for 100 yuan, you can get the corresponding bonus, as follows:

Winning number \/ defeat Bonus amount
Even win 7 Sixty-eight
Even win 8 Eighty-eight
Even win 9 One hundred and twenty-eight
Even win 10 2Eighty-eight
Losing 10 games 2Eighty-eight

*Only super 98 baccarat baccarat betting betsParticipate in this activity.

4, draw on gambling, canceled, invalid bureau does not count as a valid card, if you do not reach even win or even defeat when the number of exit from the current game table, all the number will be recalculated.

5 members will meet the requirements of the user name and note details (winning or even defeat, first to the last inning betting number) sent toProtected]; [email&#160** \/mailbox,Super 98 bonus。收到邮件后将在24小时内派发奖金。(连局奖金仅限当天申请,以连局最后一局的投注时间为准,逾期作废)。


7 bonus reachedOne times the running water to draw(in addition to poker).