NBA new season maximum 1388 yuan protection fundThe activity is over, thank you!


I wish you a helping hand to play ball youter W88! NBA new season regular season, every day there is security, the maximum 1388 yuan.

Rules and provisions:
1 this event began at 00:00:00 on November 2015, 09, ending at 23:59:59 on November 22, 2015 (Beijing time).
2 this offer is only applicable to youter RMB W88 membership.
All events in western sports betting NBA regular season in 3 concession period (only the ball and the size of the disk), the negative earnings amounted to more than 100 yuan can be obtained in accordance with the proportion of the corresponding security.
Negative earnings bonus

Negative earnings of the day Bonus ratio
100-1000 element 8%
1001-5000 element 10%
Greater than 5000 yuan 15%

FourMembers who meet the requirements of the user name and note details sent to pr[email  protected]** \/Title: NBA security payments. The 3 day deadline to apply for the afternoon, the day before the bonus will be 9 pm to distribute your W88 account (youter security only for day events, overdue void).
5 maximum daily payment of $1388 security.
6 gold in western sports only need to complete 5 times the water can be drawn.
7 only let the ball disc and disc size calculation, and draw on any gambling, invalid, cancellation of the note and sporting events than Hongkong disc 0.5 (European disc 1.5) or higher than Hongkong (European disc 2 disc 3) note will not calculate effective bets.
8 the use of the first deposit, re deposit bonus betting events can not apply for this offer.
9 youter W88 general terms and conditions apply to this offer.