Jinzun Club (PNG& ISB) – Mobile Phone Edition


Jinzun Club mobile phone version is now synchronized on-line! Clear simple, high bonus, win more! Anytime, anywhere cool games, together high up ~!

Mobile phone betting way:

1 please use the mobile phone professional two-dimensional code scanning software, on the official website[mobile]Page scanning mobile phone two-dimensional code. As follows:
This page is available for any mobile phone


2 scan two-dimensional code, the system will automatically pop a jump link. As follows:

3 click link and enter youter mobile phone version of the page, select the log[slot machine]Game。 As follows:


4 in the game hall to choose[Jinzun club]You can enter the game page, choose your favorite game win bar! As follows:


Mobile phone betting way two:

1 please use the phone comes with your browser directly enter the phone version of the site:M.w88club.com As follows:


2 after logging in. click[earth]Icon, switching language[Chinese]. Choice[slot machine]Search[Jinzun club]。As follows:


3 choose your favorite slot machine game card game or to enter the game immediately start the carnival bar


If you have any questions, please contact 7X24 hours online customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly!