NBA finals – Warrior VS Knight

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In June 14, 2016 09:00Warrior VS KnightThe two sides are expected to start:Warrior:Curry, Barnes, Iguodala, Thompson Cray, boggarts;Knight:James, Erwin, Smith JR-, Tristan Thompson, Richard jefferson.

Youter western sports: Warriors -5.5 ".

The final fourth games, the Jinzhou warriors 108-97 away to beat Cleveland, the total score to fifth 3-1, the two sides will battle tomorrow moved to the home court of warriors series. As long as the next win, the warriors will be able to successfully defend. From the historical data, the warriors champion can be said to be almost That's final.. In the history of the finals, all scored a big score 3-1 leading team eventually won the championship, the 32 teams without an exception.

Before the official confirmed that the first team striker Raymond de Green clashed with Lebron in the last round of league tournament, after the game was an additional malicious foul, and because of the cumulative number of the League regulations banned, this is a very big loss to the warriors inside defense, from the observation data, the warriors in Green's absence the events in both scoring, rebounds and assists a corresponding reduction in the current round of the final contest, he both inside and do to defend the single anti Lebron very well, though, and will not lose the warriors fighting in front of the event can be seen, the overall play of the warriors show the most incisive, splash brothers downturn play the role of a good player.

The knight has been forced into an impasse, the team can continue to win only at the finals, they present a very dangerous situation. The history of the playoffs only 10 teams can achieve comeback in the 1 to 3 behind the case, including this year's warriors, although there is still a glimmer of hope, but also to understand the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals to achieve this feat is difficult, so as to avoid players in despair, coach Raul is openly voice for their team encouragement. Your first man James alliance, with excellent physical quality and comprehensive attack means that many competitors have nothing to do with him, but also a lot of controversy with his many times, at the crucial moment when the heat and stealth period of three giant experience to lebronjames controversial. The 7 time to enter the finals, but he is likely to be about to usher in his fifth runner up, Millennium second hat in James's career or will linger.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game 5.5 points wins the recommended knight.