The Champions League 1\/4 final – Manchester City VS Paris Saint Germain

Manchester City VS Paris Saint Germain

Beijing time on April 13th at 2 a.m. 452015-16 season in the Champions League 1\/4 final second leg at Manchester City, Al Ittihad Stadium against Paris Saint germain.

Manchester City VS Paris Saint Germain

1, a record for Manchester City Promotion: the first leg clash, Manchester City in a 2-2 draw away to Paris Saint Germain, Lan Yueliang got 2 precious away goal. According to media estimates, in the first round of 2-2 draw, they have reached the 8 probability. A work team as long as the return to the home court is not lost to rivals, there is a big chance, if you can eliminate Paris, Manchester City will be the first time in history to reach the semi-finals of the Champions league.

2, Paris: the first leg rotation attack of life and death battle 2-2 draw come to Paris on the edge of the cliff, in order to prepare for the second leg of the battle of life and death, has been in the French League early on the 8 round of the championship in Paris over the weekend from a pure second tier lineup, the main players all the rest. Paris Saint Germain has 4 consecutive season into the Champions League 1\/4 finals, but after 3 they are unable to reach the semi-finals. Bus Li had 14 times with the England Club clash, the record is 4 wins and 6 draws and 4 losses, away record is the 1 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses.

3, Paris: 2 main suspended due to eat yellow card in the first leg of the game, Lewis and Mattu Edie two was the main force due to accumulated yellow card suspension, this is a heavy blow to the Blanke team, is expected to Malaysia Oswald and Pastoret Kinney will replace the vacancy, Velardi will continue to hurt. Manchester City, Phil Nandy Neo, Chrissy, de Blau Hei, Sarnia weekend holiday, is expected to Paris will return to the starting line-up, Yaya Toure has recovered, lack of war over the weekend Silva is expected to return to the starting lineup.

4, Ibrahimovic battles Aguero: first leg match, although Ibrahimovic caught Fernando's mistake alert stabbed Kongmen opponents, but also because he had missed a penalty, Paris failed to beat Manchester City in the home court. The second round of battles Manchester City, Ibrahimovic will certainly hope to the goals to make up their own fault. Aguero's first leg at Paris did not score, but in the last weekend of the Premier League, the God KUN penalty found the goal feeling. The second round of life and death battle is also a certain sense of Ibrahimovic and Aguero showdown.

Battle record

The first leg clash, Manchester City Guest 2-2 with Paris Saint germain. Manchester City last time in Paris to a 0-0 draw against home court.

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