Youter W88 new version of the desktop


Youter W88 new PC desktop game for you to provide a full range of! You can select the type of version you can use by download. Easy three steps, the speed of the game, no longer need to enter the URL to wait to give you a faster and more stable gaming experience. The impact of speed and passion, as in the W88 desktop version youter!

Download area location:

Log on to the left side of the page after the official website[Download]Select the version of your computer system (Windows or MAC) click on the appropriate icon to download. As follows:

notes:Recommend the use of a more stable, IE, Google or Firefox download.



Step1:For example, Google browser, please pass[Download]Download and install.文件将于页面左下角完成下载后至下载文件夹。如下图:


Step 2:findDownload folder, click Run install. After the installation is complete, the icon will automatically create a shortcut on your desktop. Please operate according to the prompt.

Step 3:find桌面快捷方式,鼠标双击打开,登录后即可进行游戏。如下图:


Youter W88 desktop version covers all youter game! All products and experience with youter W88 web version update, without using the login web browser, a key play is so simple! Welcome to download the new version of W88 desktop ~ youter experience

For more details, please consult 7X24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!