May day, the full range of products 51 yuan couponsThe activity is over, thank you!


Celebrate the May Day, the deposit that has the opportunity to get 51 yuan bonus, the bonus can bet any product, the water can be drawn up to 1 times, only the top 1000, a limited number, send that end!
Rules and provisions:
1 activity time begins at 00:00:00 May 1, 2016 (Beijing time), ending at 23:59:59 on May 1st (Beijing time).
2 this event only applies to all members in W88 registered youter rmb.
3 activities are limited to the top 1000 members, a limited number of first come first served.
4 all the activities of the day the deposit transaction number mantissa is **51, send you 51 yuan labor bonus.
5 meet the requirements of the members on the day of the event, [email  protected]** \/M mailbox, entitled: 51 coupons.
(Note: the login state, click on the management of funds, choose history, deposit \/ withdrawal after the interception of the deposit transaction number.)
6 the bonus will be distributed to your account within two working days after the end of the discount.
7 each member is restricted to apply only once.
The 8 bonus is suitable for sports, slot machines, live entertainment, lottery games, 1 times of water withdrawals.
9 youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment game player, youter W88 has the right to all member or a member to cancel this offer at any time.
10 youter W88 general terms and conditions apply to this offer.