NBA – VS Pelican spurs event

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In February 4, 2016 09:00Spurs VS PelicanThe two sides are expected starting:Spurs:Parke, Danny -,,, Dior;Pelican:Cole, Jones, Alonzo Dejuan - radical, Davies, asik.

Youter western sports: San Antonio -13 3.

The Spurs on a home court 107-92 in the Aldridge magic, the strong performance of 13 in 9 scored 28 points, the Spurs bench player to avoid losing streak, gain victory with unstained swords, will also keep home court winning streak to 26 games, home court record of terror. The pelican and a war on the home court defeat the Grizzlies, 2 game winning streak ended, nearly 5 war 3 wins and 2 negative good performance, but the team still poor record, 18 wins and 29 losses ranked fourth to last in the west.

The Spurs battle in the home court 15 points advantage over magic, the team out of the first battle at the enemy Knight's shadow, the team morale is high at present, as one of the two teams in the league only 40 wins this season, the Spurs have achieved 26 wins in the home court, and the field can be by as many as 16.7 points in the team home court power alliance strongest offensive tactics, changeable, team personnel and its performance is just perfect, defensive alliance strongest, the overall state of the team is really good, the underdog against the Spurs, will not easily let home court winning streak easily solved.

The battle at home court against another Southwest Division rival Memphis team winning streak was terminated, the team morale hit the record of only 18 wins and 29 losses with the Spurs did not compare the strength of the team, and a winning percentage is only 2 into the early, the guest can force the difference as can be imagined. In the attack, fire is not much weaker than the Spurs, but if from the defense point of view, the pelican lost more than the Spurs, the defense was not reliable, and the team currently injuries are more serious, so the trip can not defeat the pelican is lucky.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game the Spurs to 13 points wins recommended.