Fishing Meng – Apple mobile client


The highly anticipated, the long-awaited Apple mobile phone version of adorable fishing main shock on the line! 000 arcade game fishing, cool burst. Daily login to receive a huge bonus gold, online upgrade completed. Whenever and wherever possible smooth cool game, everything is in your hands!

Only three steps to complete the download fishing Meng master - Apple Mobile version! Hand travel fishing is so simple and convenient, follow the pace of small series to download the game bar

Warm tip: Apple iPad tablet PC is also a normal download and install the game. However, due to the size mismatch, may cause poor page quality, affect the visual effects of your normal game, it is recommended that you use the Apple phone to download and install.

The first step: a method:Youter login official website, homepage in mouse floating on the left side of the page[Download]Click to enter, and then use the phone to scan two-dimensional code, apple mobile client[fish]QR code. As follows:


Method two:Mobile phone users can directly use the phone to enter the, click[fish]Direct download, please follow the page prompts to operate. As follows:


Method three:After the official website, select[game]Column, find to[fish]After click: Apple IOS[client download]Click the display window.[Download] immediatelyPlease follow the prompt to download the page to the web page to your mobile phone. As follows:


Method four:After the official website, select[game]Column, drop down menu. View to the main fishing Meng Click[IOS version download]as well asScan two-dimensional codeCan be downloaded. As follows:


Second step:Xiao Bian is a direct use of mobile phone professional two-dimensional code scanner, scan the above acquisition of apple IOS version of the two-dimensional code to download. Would you pleaseclick[open]And then carry on[installation]. (please follow the prompt):


 Third step:进入手机中的设置=>通用=>设备管理, click”Green Communications Inc”信任此应用.已设置成功(已验证),即可开始捕鱼萌主游戏. As follows:


下载成功后立即登录游戏吧!小编已经迫不及待了!还有每日金币奖励领取哦, click[receive] immediately. As follows:


Make sure you[fishing]If you have enough money in the game, you can choose the lower right corner of the hall[bank]Will,[balance]Change to[gold]进行游戏. As follows:

Reminder: RMB 1 yuan =1000 gold, please enter an integer value.


click页面右下方[chart]You can view your list. Gold daily morning update! The number of gold coins ranked the top 20 game player will topped the list!

Contained in:[contact customer service], [set], [help], [exit]等功能键. As follows:

Five games for you to choose:

Sea World(start playing)Shark Bay(level 10 unlock)radio star(level 20 unlock)
Li Kui chop fish(level 50 unlock)Deep sea toad(about to open)


click[contact customer service]W88 display youter contact phone number and email address, you can also visit the official website for online help, youter W88 customer service will be 7 x 24 hours uninterrupted provide service for you!

click[setting]You can choose your own game[volume], [sound], [all mute].

click[help]进入到帮助中心Will,会显示鱼类、武器as well as道具相应赔付. As follows:


升级也是有金币奖励的哦!click[receive]即可.游戏页面右边显示有[lock]and[automatic]Function keys, you can also view directly to your[experience]值and[acceleration]值. As follows:


等待时机,瞄准目标,一触即发!游戏简单易上手,老少皆宜, click手机屏幕即可完成发炮.深海3D的逼真视效,时时爆机,千倍炮台万炮齐发,金币满屏飞.立即下载游戏赢取更多金币吧~

If you have any questions during the download or the game, please contact us in 7X24 hours online customer service to get help, we will be happy to serve you!