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Seven baby to send blessings, the ultimate stimulation of the game experience. Fun instant win, the more chance to win up to 15 times times, 33 free spins and random prize money up to 18 times. Let you win to Froude EVA, immediately log on the official website of the rotation.


"Fulu baby" is based on the cartoon gourd adaptation of a slot machine game. 7 Magic Gourd tells the story of 7 brothers, ability is outstanding, in order to save their loved one after another, launched a deal with the fairies. "Gourd brothers" (also known as: gourd baby) is one of the original animation, has become a classic Chinese animation.


Youter W88 subulata EVA is online slots of a 5 axis line 25. The game covers "all-match & Indiana" pattern, "bonus games and instant win", in the main game in any combination have a chance to win a double bonus.


Bonus games can be triggered during free rotation. Select 2 gourd can be free to rotate or double.


Payment table information is as follows. As follows:


Xiao Bian also to try their luck, the first to start, full line bet (line 25), each line bets 5 yuan, total betting 125 yuan, profit 385 yuan.


You have to try the luck baby to help you a helping hand ~ froude!

If you have any questions in the course of the game, you are welcome to contact us 7\/24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!

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