The Spanish League – sporting VS Getafe

西甲赛事推荐-希洪竞技 VS  赫塔菲-优德W88官网

In January 5, 2016 03:00Gijon VS GetafeThe two sides are expected starting:Sporting competition:Guaiyaer \/ Laura, Mei Lei, Kitty, Ann Lopez, Javier Carrel cassesse \/ \/ Halilovi, Mahoney, Endy Sanaa buria.Getafe:Guaita \/ Damian, Cara, Alexis, Largo Rodrigues, Larson, Sarabia \/ Victor, lafita \/ Jose Bo Vecchi.

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Beijing time on Monday 05 August 01 at 03 in the morning 30 points, the Spanish League will usher in a new round of competition, Gijon will Getafe home court. Greek athletic currently accumulate 15 points in the first row, only higher than the relegation zone of 1 points. The recent state of the team bad League away by 0-2 not enemy erval, suffered two league defeats. While the current Getafe plot 17 points ranked fourteenth in Spain, 3 points above the relegation zone. They have 4 consecutive games in all competitions unbeaten, but only harvest in the king's Cup match against Valle Cano in the war.

Sporting a change in the past have a ready pen attacking style, they rely on to build a new steel line last season in the Second Division League won the second place, last month won the best award ceremony, goalkeeper Cuellar and defender Espinosa both won the best second division. They continue this early Spanish defends the counter attack tactics, although at Real Madrid, but the first three games but did not score in the effort after the attack, the defense did not withstand the Spanish test, recent games 1 wins and 5 losses, only beat the second worst away record of Lars Palmas, on one of their Games although lost to ED, but the game still has created several good opportunities. Gijon recently ushered in several main striker after another comeback, the sablja condition is good, the road facing the worst performance of the Getafe, they should have some confidence.

Following the previous 2-2 draw away to Valencia, La Coruna and in the 0-0 draw with Getafe home court this week in a good situation, the game nearly 4 games 1 wins, 3 unbeaten. This weekend at Gijon, Getafe looking forward to continue in this state. However, at Getafe ability really flattered this season so far away never achieved a record of 2 wins, 6 negative, the last league win back last season, last April 10th's 1-0 turning Elche, and since then, Getafe cross league season away 12 War 2 flat 10 negative. Based on the key points of the game, even if escriv can have the main police station, but is not optimistic about the prospect of victory.

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