[w88] David De Gea and Manchester United youter contract in four years


David Deglia (David de Gea), was born in November 7, 1990 in Madrid municipality elese Katz, a Spanish football player, field boss as a keeper. Manchester United Football club.

David De Gea from the youth team Atletico Madrid football club, at the age of 10 he joined Atletico Madrid football school, become the occupation player at the age of 18, began to Atletico B team in the two grade B League, at the age of 19, Atletico first team to participate in the competition. In the summer of 2011, David De Gea to 17 million 800 thousand pounds worth of transfer to the Manchester United Football Club, to replace the main goalkeeper of the United States to become the United States, Edwin.

In terms of the national team, David De Gea has represented Spain at each age national team to participate in the competition, also won the U17 and U21 level of the European championship.

Manchester United announce goalkeeper David De Gea has signed a new contract with a four year extension.

The 24 year old David De Gea is close to joining Real Madrid this summer, but failed to reach a deal due to a deadline for transfer documents.

Today, David De Gea's future has an unexpected change. Manchester United has announced that he will sign a new deal, at least for Manchester United until 2019.