Toad, Jinzun and Kinde slot machine back to the water 0.4%


All members of the NET\/PNG\/ISB\/TTG\/QT platform to enjoy 0.4% back to water, beautiful ultra clear screen, a huge explosion award game! Back to the water that is to play, you can withdraw without betting!

1 this offer to take effect from May 2, 2016, all W88 members according to the total active youter bet, and Kinde toad Jinzun slot machine club, enjoy 0.4% high return water.
2 return water without water, you can immediately withdraw.
The 3 time back to the water, the minimum payout of 5 yuan, have the highest payout limit.
4 immediate return water only when the week, if you forget to click to apply for water last week, you can contact the online customer service application (only last week).
5 of all desktop & cards, video poker, arcade games, the total amount of bets and some scratch slot machine game does not apply to this offer.
6 the following products do not apply for this offer, pleaseclick here.
7 login account, open the profile page, click back to the water state, and apply for immediate return water.
8 this offer can not be shared with the existing deposit bonus discount.
9 youter W88 general terms and conditions apply to this offer.