How to apply for a lucky slot machine daily discount?


Youter W88 carefully for you with daily lucky slot machines, out of the ordinary every day to win prizes! Looking forward to tomorrow, let the lucky and drop from the clouds! How to apply for a lucky slot machine daily discount? Let Xiaobian teach you how to win the slot machine

How to participate in the offer?

One method:You can passWeb pages (mobile web pages or web pages)Enter the designated game to complete the flow requirements.

Method two:You can also download the mobile client directly to play the game. Would you please open your or download the "youter club" Android \/ Apple client(you can according to their own mobile phone scanning system under the two-dimensional code to download mobile phone client youter Club)Complete the corresponding betting amount can be.


Introduction of preferential activities:

Daily lucky slot machine discount is inSlot machine gameIn the mobile client or web page to complete the specified amount of bets to get the corresponding bonus, specific to the lucky slot machine on the same day prevail.

This event is valid for all web pages and clients.

How to apply for a discount?

For example, in the mobile phone web browser, you enter the phone browserM.w88my.comAfter clicking on the home page, click on the picture below to view the details of the offer and the day slot machine game.


Click on the slot machine image to view more information about the slot machine game on that day, as shown below:


View the day after the designated slot machine game and the required amount of betting, you can start the game on the phone!


Little luck is really good! The first is a profit of 1050 yuan, to continue the rotation to achieve the water requirements of … the game burst award rate is also very high, has been profitable in the process of Oh joy, reached the water requirements of an easy job to do.

Upon completion of the required amount of betsThe second dayBack to the corresponding page[claim]. As follows:


* * * attention:

click[claim]后,会出现相应提示显示您已申请成功。当您再次click申请时,会出现[you have applied for a daily relief fund]的提示. As follows:

Query bonus to account:

Enter the account to view, after the completion of the application is ready to receive the bonus account! Profit at the same time also got a bonus, is not in one fell swoop?


Withdrawal requirements:

The bonus must be betting on the same slot machine Club presented in the game, completed 10 times after the withdrawal of water.

How to continue to participate in this offer?

If you want to continue to participate in the activities required to complete the water may apply for multiple bonuses.

I wish you a lot of profit! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at 7X24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!