Western sports 5 on 100% crazy rebates

Western sports for you for the month million games, then mixed up escort for you, if you bet 5 field and mixed field of more than 5 pass, if only because of a race and lost the single note, we will return the full amount (100% to a maximum of 500 yuan).

 Preferential activity requirements:

  1. This offer is only applicable to betting mixed up (5 or 5 above events) and lose a game because only a single injection (the other 4 or 4 above were correctly predicted), and in this mixed up at least 4 match odds of not less than 1.60.
  2. This offer is only available for betting on Western sports.
  3. Each member can apply for two times a week, the maximum bonus of $500.
How to apply?
  1. Send mail toProtected]; [email&#160** \/And indicate your username and betting number.
  2. Click here to contact our online customer service, to provide a single number for betting you submit your application.
Rules and provisions:
  1. The event began on January 2017 09 12:00:00, ending at 11:59:59 on January 16, 2017 (Beijing time).
  2. This offer is only for the use of RMB, U.S. dollars, Thai baht, rupiah, vnd, RM and won membership.
  3. This offer is limited to the week bets and settlement of the note can be applied unilaterally, overdue invalid.
  4. Highest 500 yuan per week bonus.
  5. The discount is not calculated to cancel, invalid note, do not calculate the number of strings.
  6. Bonus just 1 times the water can be drawn.
  7. This offer cannot be shared with the defection of preferential.
  8. The use of the first deposit bonus or re deposit bonus can not apply for a hybrid of this discount.
  9. Any draw, bet, void, cancelled note, and a sporting event below the Hongkong 0.6 (Euro 1.6) will not be counted in the active.
  10. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours after you submit your application.
  11. Youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment of the game player. Youter W88 has the right to all member or a member to cancel this offer at any time.
  12. Youter W88 the general terms and conditions apply to this offer.