Friday Championship bonus over 10000RMB


GPI platform - live entertainment city championship, rekindle the flames of war! When the week as long as betting on the club and excellent water youter hall reached 1000 yuan, you can participate in the live entertainment city championships on Friday! There is no limit on the number of entries, welcome everyone to sign up!

Rules and provisions:
  1. This offer is applicable for RMB and vnd, Indonesian rupiah, Thai baht, ringgit, and won $registered members.
  2. Every Saturday to Thursday 00:00:00 23:59:59 period, betting on youter club and club - hall of excellence youter water reached 1000 yuan, click "apply for preferential" (login) can apply for this activity.
  3. Meet the requirements of the members, will be sent every Friday at noon 12:00 before the station through the letter to send a special account number, password, link and instant link. Only use the Championship club youter reality, the use of accounts as follows:
    Championship account usage profile
    Date, time Account status
    January 13th Before 12:00 Unable to login
    12:00:00 to 12:59:59 Experience can be logged but not included in the running water
    13:00:00 to 22:00:00 The game was officially started


  4. Each entry account has Fifty00 virtual currency, can not be transferred or withdrawals, only for the current live entertainment city championships.
  5. The game was immediately ranked according to total wins. To calculate the final ranking of participating account balances, and at least 20 betting hands, according to the total winning top Fifty game player will win the prize ranking according to the following table:
    Ranking The first Proxime accessit Third Fourth name 5-10 name 11-Fifty name
    RMB Two thousand and eight hundred One thousand and six hundred One thousand and three hundred Six hundred Three hundred Fifty

    Note: if the total wins to 0 or negative, will not pay bonuses.

  6. Two working days after the end of the game in bonuses distributed to the real W88 account youter, bonuses doubled water withdrawals.
  7. Ensure fair and open competition, all members of the competition can be refreshed at any time to view the immediate ranking.
  8. All real game entertainment city Championship for the club youter.
  9. The prize sponsored by the GPI platform and youter entertainment city.
  10. 优德W88有权在任何time对违反规则的会员取消参赛权,我们享有唯一及绝对决定权。
  11. Youter W88 the general terms and conditions apply to this offer.