The nineteenth round of the French 2016-2017 event recommended

The nineteenth round of the French in Beijing on December 22nd morning 3:50 officially began, Bastia home court against marseille. The two teams last season in Ligue two round clash, Bastia 1 wins and 1 losses, which won 2-1 home court. Bastia is currently ranked twelfth in the league, the position is relatively safe and stable, while Marseille ranked at the end of the game, still lags behind the Champions League area has more than 9 points, the pursuit of great difficulty of the sixth.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Bastia Marseille
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Bordeaux Nice
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Dijon Toulouse
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Lille Ryan
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Leon Angers
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Metz Guingamp
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Monaco Caen
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Nantes Montpelier
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Saint Germain 洛Leon
12\/22\/2016 (Thursday) 03:50 Saint Etienne Nancy


1、Home teamBastia是法甲联赛中下游实力的队伍,上赛季法甲联赛排名第10名,本赛季法甲联赛排名第13名。球队最近十场比赛战绩为2胜5平3负,其中主场战绩为1胜4平。

2、Visiting teamMarseille是法甲联赛中游实力的队伍,上赛季法甲联赛排名第13名,本赛季法甲联赛排名第9名。球队最近十场比赛战绩为5胜3平2负,其中客场战绩为2胜2平2负。