European Cup – Turkey VS Croatia


The June 11, 2016 09:00 is expected to debut: Turkey: Gonul, Babacan, Kaya, Topal, Aoziya Koop, Qiaerhan Balta, Oulu, Alda Turan, Yinan, Elgin, Yilmaz; Croatia: Croatia: Brazil Qi, Newcastle, Su Na Corluka, Schildenfeld, Vinda, Baader, Rakiti, Modri, Yi, Man Giulia Kikki, Perry passage kalinic

Youter western sports: Croatia chupan ball -0.5.

In the 2008 European Cup final in 1\/4, Turkey and Croatia in Austria's capital Vienna pedestria. Is the service both in regular time and overtime before the 28 minutes failed to score, but the Croatia striker carat Snich scored in the 119th minute, almost has announced the death penalty in Turkey. However, the Turkey striker semmis - Sean Turck in overtime stoppage time second minutes miraculously pull the score to 1-1, at the time of his celebration, and Croatia defender Si Mu Niki slumped to the scene, still visible before the eyes.

Turkey in the qualifiers against Holland qualify. After several years of decline, and the Legion finally re recovery. The last 5 games in Turkey achieved 4 victories, after a warm-up match against England, they beat Montenegro and Slovenia, show the good state. This time against Croatia, Turkey also hope to get a good start, and lay the foundation for the round of 16.

D Cup group called the death of the group, in addition to Spain, Turkey, Czech, Croatia have a considerable strength, the outcome of the game will directly determine the outcome of the competition for places. Croatia in the warm-up match before beating both Moldova and San Marino, the last 7 games they scored 6 wins and 1 level of success in good condition. This time against Turkey, also hope to triumph Plaid legion.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Croatia hemisphere wins.