Live entertainment city new disc three table


Youter W88 reality Entertainment City, the top of the online entertainment! Extreme luxury, bring you extraordinary experience. Now add three roulette table, a variety of play an endless enjoyment of the game road, let you surprise! New features, more fun, to help you win youter do eight party.

Trio: the use of European standard roulette roulette rules, by using a real live dealer roulette table opening, single table can accommodate 7 online games and game player. Table three also can be selected multiple desktop in a real casino betting, personally on the scene.

Log in, select the official website home page[live entertainment city]. The drop-down menu, click on the roulette Trio[immediate game]Direct entry. As shown in the following figure:


Real game page. You can also play in the three roulette table, increase your profit opportunities! As shown in the following figure:


Play simple, easy bet! New features can not be missed, immediately log on to the game

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