NBA tournament recommendation – nuggets VS thunder

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In January 20, 2016Nuggets VS thunderThe 10:00 is expected to debut:Thunder:Wesbrook, Durant, Adams, Robson, yibaka;Nuggets:Mudie, Harris, Gallinari, Reed, djokic.

Youter western sports: 8.5 points for the thunder ".

Thunder (30 wins and 12 losses) has achieved a winning streak of 4, they are in good condition, they will be on the day of the game against Denver Nuggets (16 wins and 25 losses) (see article). Durant and Wesbrook to continue to promote the overall performance of the team, the thunder to win away to win 5 winning streak. The Nuggets have a strong fighting force in the home court, Gallinari, Mudie, Barton et al to upset over his home court for the team.

The Nuggets in nearly 4 Battle 3 wins and 1 negative results, the team rebounded significantly, the battle against the army in the home court defensive walker, the Nuggets still off 129 points high prevent the opponent, the team on the field of fire is quite intense, the battle led by Gallinari will feel quite main Denver yes, the bench will also provide strong support, the team hit rate remained at more than 5, flowering team offensive performance, which is out of the belly in the face of the game against the thunder is the most powerful test of the strength of the nuggets.

The thunder in the 4 game winning streak, nearly 3 battle are fully and delightfully victory, good team as can be imagined, battle against Miami, thunder headed Durant easily scored 24 points and 10 rebounds, Westbrook scored 3 double, outstanding team led in the duo played a very aggressive offensive performance. The defense consciousness is also high, the team finally easily repel rivals, the thunder were quite offensive and defensive security, the challenge of the struggling, if the thunder can keep the normal level, the team win completely be nothing difficult.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to make 8.5 points wins the thunder.