NBA tournament recommended – Warriors vs bucks

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In December 19, 2015 11:30The warrior vsThe two sides are expected to start:Warrior:Curry, Thompson, rush, Green, boggarts.The Bucks:Makawe, Middleton, Parke, Mayo, plumbly.   A game against the Clippers bucks inside is off the hook, then again facing the warriors, fighting away fawn offspring is unlikely to again staged a miracle, please look forward to the challenge!

The game youter western sports chupan: Warrior 18.5.                         

The Jinzhou warriors 19 days at home will usher in a revenge, warriors sits against the Oracle arena, not just before the end of his winning streak of the bucks. A warrior for the end of the 7 game trip back to the home court, the team swept away the tired continuously, played a strong offensive frenzy, 128-103 rout of the sun. Thompson played the strongest performance since the injury, scored 43 points, Green once again staged three double play, the warriors did not affect the streak end, good state. The Bucks had defeated the warriors, but then came the bad news, the team's core Monroe injured truce, comeback time unknown, the Bucks were a huge blow.

The warriors have won 24 straight games this season, with their first defeat of the season away from the bucks. This defeat in the beginning of the season would be a surprise, that was the reason why the warriors will lose, it is because they are too tired, because they are against the bucks and the Celtics played two overtime. For the warriors, losing is not unacceptable, they can not accept is the Bucks players celebrated, especially at the end of the game after Makawe dunk with eyes staring at the warriors of the bench, this let Green unforgettable. Play ball, 128-103 in the sun after the warriors home court, has been made across the season's 29 game winning streak after their home court, has become since the 1996-97 season, the bulls, the first team played so. In addition, the opening season so far, the warriors have been home 11 winning streak, the team from the history of the opening quarter of the record winning streak of home, only a ball of the gap between the 12.

Although the Bucks beat the warriors in the home court, but they did not use this victory set off in the back, they travel away has been continuously lost to the Lakers and clippers. The 2 game losing streak as they travel to Oakland will certainly encounter enemies of the impact, Monroe can return is uncertain, if he continues to absent, the Bucks inside the competitiveness will be greatly reduced. Maikawei was sure warriors defense care, Middleton, Parke, Mayo, adetokunbo et al to strive for a better performance, since the Braves have put down hard, the Bucks need to prove their strength performance. Bucks on the road has suffered 11 consecutive defeats, during which they were only 89 points. Current score 10 wins and 17 losses.