Instant return water, that is, play, without waiting!


The new GPI platform live entertainment city, youter Club - Excellence hall and youter club, enjoy all the instant water return up to 0.8%! There is no limit to the return of water and no need to bet direct withdrawals! Let you play happy, happy to play!

Rules and provisions:
  1. All active members have the right to enjoy W88 youter reality entertainment city up to 0.8% immediately back to the water, according to the total amount of bets during the event membership in the club - youter Club of excellence hall and youter live entertainment city calculation.
  2. The offerMinimum payout of 5 yuanNo, the highest payout limit. Immediate return to water only when the week, if you forget to click to apply for water last week, you can contact the online customer service application (only last week).
  3. Return water without water can be drawn.
    Membership grade Proportion of returning water
    Ordinary member + sapphire member 0.5%
    Gold member 0.6%
    platinum member 0.7%
    Diamond member 0.8%
  4. All active members will be entitled to 0.5%, 0.6%, or 0.8%, according to the membership level for immediate return.
  5. Instant water is playing back, according to youter Club - hall and youter excellence club, total betting platform of the two GIP live entertainment in updating the water return statements can apply immediately to get cash back water.
  6. After landing the account, please open the "personal information" in the "return water state" query and apply for water.
  7. This offer can not be shared with the existing first deposit discount.
  8. Instant cash back water is only available for live charge games.
  9. Youter W88 the general terms and conditions apply to this offer.