Exclusive mobile phone version of poker, with one hand play


The one and only Android (Android) \/ Apple (IOS) mobile phone version of poker game, play a single hand whenever and wherever possible extraordinary experience, only in the youter W88, immediately log on the experience!

Duang… Duang… Duang… mobile phone version of poker client officially launched ~ love you most enjoy whenever and wherever possible the game, the only poker application gives you instant fun experience!

Introduction: mobile phone is now our modern life has been unable to leave the "palm treasure", some people are in bed with mobile phone playing every hour and moment. At present, all speed and convenient for mobile phone games also have a new experience, youter W88 also provides the latest poker mobile client for the majority of game player, suitable for Android and Apple Mobile phone. Following the rhythm of small series, we are about to take you into the mobile poker fast era!

How to download the mobile client?

You can log on the official website click: mobile phone icon, select your phone system (Android or apple) scan page in the two-dimensional code to download. (as shown below) you can also operate in the web page, select the version of your phone system sync to your phone.




You can through the "WeChat sweep" tools or professional version of two-dimensional code scanner to scan the code to download. (as shown below)


If you are using the "WeChat sweep" tool to scan the code, please click on the page "on the upper right corner of the icon. (as shown below)


Click on the top right corner and select "open in the browser". (as shown below)浏览器中打开提示

The page will pop up: complete action mode". (as shown below)


Page prompt: "download now" and "how to start". (as shown below)


Click: "immediately download" will pop up to confirm the download information, please click "OK"". (as shown below)


If you click: "how to start", the page will appear operation steps, you can follow the steps of the page prompts to download and install. (as shown below)

Step one:


Step two:


Steps three and four:


Step five:


Install this application. (as shown below)


Being installed. (as shown below)

正在安装The application has been installed successfully". (as shown below)


After downloading the successful poker client icon will be displayed on your phone desktop. (as shown below)

下载成功的扑克客户端After the download is complete, you can open the door of "fast times" happily. Enter your username, password, authentication code, and click on the red box to log in. (as shown below)


After entering the game page, the phone will appear on the left side of the page settings, the account information, cashier, set, online customer service, and exit button. Click on your needs. (as shown below)


You click: modify the password, enter your relevant information can be found in the password. (as shown below)

修改密码You click: "cashier", you need to enter your account and password to log on.


You can choose to pay for your deposit, in accordance with the requirements of the page. (as shown below)


You click: "Settings", you can choose "language" and "sound options", click "OK"". (as shown below)

设置You click: online customer service, you can enter the customer service chat window. When you encounter any game or other problems, you can click to enter our 24 hour online consulting service. (as shown below)


After you click "exit", you can select OK or cancel. (as shown below)

退出提示We provide a variety of games to meet your various needs of the game. "Dezhou poker game" you can click "open table" view. (as shown below)


"All or discard" game, the more super rich "JACKPOT" accumulated large pool. (as shown below)


"Omaha" game. (as shown below)

奥马哈"Mega Spin" roulette game. (as shown below)

Mega Spin

Mega Spin详情

You can also download the web version, select your phone system, download and install to your phone. (as shown below)

网页下载方式After the download is complete, you can insert your mobile phone data cable to your mobile phone, you can quickly play. (as shown below)


Download the game experience immediately after landing it ~!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for 24 hours online customer service consulting, we will serve you wholeheartedly!