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The Spring Festival, W88 youter invited to your "mammon", for you to add to your happiness and your property to add auspicious, wish you happy new year, good luck. Win the day and lower your wealth!

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According to 3D slot machine game of a 3 shaft 8 line, picture festival atmosphere, simple and easy to play!

The game page clearly shows you bet, as shown below, small single injection of 0.5 yuan, full line bet, so the total bet amount is 0.5 yuan *8=4 yuan, according to the payout table [1] felicitous wish of making money, line 1 line note: Line 6 line: 0.5*2=1 yuan, 0.5*2=1 yuan note, the winning amount is 2 yuan.


You may refer to the following statement. As follows:


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