Game wallet name announcement

Game钱包名称公告Please log in to enter the fund management page. You will see a change in the name of the wallet, as shown in the following figure, the name is more concise and easy to use!


Youter Club (real +Other slot machinesVirtual & Lotto).""Youter containing live entertainment city, gold gold pool, Brahma, Jinluan (real + slots), Kinde club, Jinzun club. And virtual, lotto.

Oriental Sports""Oriental Sports

Western Sport""Western Sport


Andy (PT reality + slot machine)""Live casino and slot machine with mirage in the club

Dezhou mahjong""Dezhou mahjong

Happy color
Happy color


Deep sea fishing""Deep seafishing


If you have any questions during the transfer process, please contact 24 hours online customer service to get help, we will be happy to serve you!