Italy Serie A – Naples VS AC

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In February 23, 2016 04:00Milan AC VS NaplesThe two sides are expected starting:Naples:West Albiol, Zaire, Reina, Ghulam, Alan, Barry curry, Jorginho, Hamm Hick, Gonzalo Higuain, Yin xinie, kaliehong;AC Milan:Duonaluma, Abate, Alex, Antonelli, Rome gnoli, Honda Keisuke, Rudge, Bonaventura, Montolivo, Bertone, Baca gnan.

Youter western sports: Naples chupan ball -1.

Naples and Milan in the history of confrontation 141 times, Milan, the top 45 wins and 40 losses to occupy the upper hand of the 56. Serie A League clash record is also an advantage in Milan, 135 games, 54 wins, 43 draws and 38 losses. However, in the last 5 games, Milan has only won the game for the first time since 2011, and Naples has been unbeaten in for the last 4 consecutive games against Milan. This season in the league game for the first time, Naples agile defeated Milan 4-0 in.

The Naples League at 0-1 against Juventus in the UEFA Cup, week and defeat the Spanish giants Villarreal, suffered a losing streak in Naples week in Europe, physical consumption is not small, Milan is a week. Naples this season - although a strong performance, but is used to playing 433 of Naples in the middle of the staff seemed a little nervous, Hamm Sieck, Alan, Jorginho is almost guaranteed to play, the advantages of fixed midfielder is between each other with skill, the shortcoming is the lack of tactical space. Naples two points behind Juve ranked second in the standings, Juve just draw points in the league, the Naples war if the home court beat AC Milan, will return to the top position, and this game, Naples will make removal of the main.

AC Milan League home court 2-1 victory over Genoa, the recent match made 9 games unbeaten, AC Milan is stable on the track, the team accumulated 43 points ranked sixth, from the Champions League zone only 6 points behind the war if they can defeat enemies for Milan to return to the top three said. The target is more easily achieved, the Naples holding the opponent, but also in Florence, Rome, Milan and other international team love to see things. No European task AC in Milan week, the team physical advantage in AC, but the Milan defender Rome gnoli flu and missed pre-season training, the game is doubtful, Naples face a strong attack, the fear of becoming a hidden AC Milan defense.

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