GPI platform -MGS Macao Entertainment Expo

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The just concluded MGS Macao entertainment show has been successfully pulled down the curtain, the exhibition for our new products GPI: Dezhou mahjong. Gameplay Interactive (GPI) W88 as youter independent research and development platform, with the industry's leading reality Entertainment City, 3D and slot machine games, happy color, sports betting, etc.. The upcoming new Dezhou mahjong can also be fully integrated into the online platform, mobile phone platform and server game terminal, so you can log on smoothly. Dezhou mahjong game is a classic fit Chinese quintessence "mahjong" and Texas "poker". The history of the only original bold innovative gameplay, can experience mahjong at ease, and can experience the Dezhou poker stimulation, perfect combination of leisure and tension, let you have more extreme gaming experience, is a happy game entertainment.