Lucky create division – Winners List


Congratulations to the following TwoThree0 players to share the $One00000 bonus. The rotation of lucky experience Madden stimulus filled with the opportunity to play poker in Dezhou alone, more awards won't stop, immediately log in the game!


ranking nickname Cash reward
One Coc******** $OneTwo,000
Two Lac******** $Nine000
Three Tig******** $Seven000
Four Tas******** $FiveFive00
Five Shi******** $Four,Five00
Six BeN******** $Three,SevenFive0
Seven Bel******** $Three,Three00
Eight Tim******** $Three,000
Nine Spi******** $Two,SevenFive0
One0 Bon******** $Two,Five00
OneOne Tom******** $Two,TwoFive0
OneTwo Fis******** $Two,000
OneThree Nvk******** $One,SevenFive0
OneFour Das******** $One,Five00
OneFive Jay******** $One,Four00
OneSix Met******** $One,Three00
OneSeven Swe******** $One,Two00
OneEight Dwa******** $One,One00
OneNine Roc******** $One,000
Two0 Aie******** $NineFive0
TwoOne Tod******** $Nine00
TwoTwo qEight0******** $EightFive0
TwoThree Mam******** $Eight00
TwoFour EightEightSeven******** $SevenFive0
TwoFive Cha******** $Seven00
TwoSix Niu******** $SixFive0
TwoSeven Fru******** $Six00
TwoEight Had******** $FiveFive0
TwoNine Doc******** $Five00
Three0 Lac******** $FourFive0
ThreeOne Tro******** $Four00
ThreeTwo Lon******** $Four00
ThreeThree Tia******** $Four00
ThreeFour ABC******** $Four00
ThreeFive Qou******** $Four00
ThreeSix Str******** $Four00
ThreeSeven Fre******** $Four00
ThreeEight Mox******** $Four00
ThreeNine All******** $Four00
Four0 Daz******** $Four00
FourOne Sub******** $ThreeFive0
FourTwo Sta******** $ThreeFive0
FourThree Dog******** $ThreeFive0
FourFour OneNineb******** $ThreeFive0
FourFive Big******** $ThreeFive0
FourSix Poi******** $ThreeFive0
FourSeven Dwa******** $ThreeFive0
FourEight Guo******** $ThreeFive0
FourNine Qia******** $ThreeFive0
Five0 SevenTwoSeven******** $ThreeFive0
FiveOne Sol******** $Three00
FiveTwo Ify******** $Three00
FiveThree Dea******** $Three00
FiveFour PAA******** $Three00
FiveFive Gae******** $Three00
FiveSix Hip******** $Three00
FiveSeven Tri******** $Three00
FiveEight SixEightSix******** $Three00
FiveNine Qoi******** $Three00
Six0 Mar******** $Three00
SixOne Nil******** $TwoFive0
SixTwo Out******** $TwoFive0
SixThree Lie******** $TwoFive0
SixFour Ycd******** $TwoFive0
SixFive Per******** $TwoFive0
SixSix Cck******** $TwoFive0
SixSeven Ugo******** $TwoFive0
SixEight Tan******** $TwoFive0
SixNine Esi******** $TwoFive0
Seven0 KLN******** $TwoFive0
SevenOne Inu******** $Two00
SevenTwo Ank******** $Two00
SevenThree Are******** $Two00
SevenFour OneOneOne******** $Two00
SevenFive Uwb******** $Two00
SevenSix Any******** $Two00
SevenSeven Ouy******** $Two00
SevenEight Sqh******** $Two00
SevenNine Jya******** $Two00
Eight0 Xxq******** $Two00
EightOne Onl******** $OneFive0
EightTwo Lok******** $OneFive0
EightThree Ika******** $OneFive0
EightFour JOJ******** $OneFive0
EightFive Bao******** $OneFive0
EightSix Val******** $OneFive0
EightSeven Jac******** $OneFive0
EightEight Nin******** $OneFive0
EightNine Bif******** $OneFive0
Nine0 Vie******** $OneFive0
NineOne Zai******** $One00
NineTwo Red******** $One00
NineThree Lie******** $One00
NineFour Onepl******** $One00
NineFive Kam******** $One00
NineSix Her******** $One00
NineSeven Ace******** $One00
NineEight Wil******** $One00
NineNine Apc******** $One00
One00 Bil******** $One00
One0One Dnh******** $SevenFive
One0Two Jia******** $SevenFive
One0Three Swa******** $SevenFive
One0Four Lil******** $SevenFive
One0Five Zzz******** $SevenFive
One0Six Oow******** $SevenFive
One0Seven Ace******** $SevenFive
One0Eight Tru******** $SevenFive
One0Nine Qia******** $SevenFive
OneOne0 Sen******** $SevenFive
OneOneOne akThree******** $SevenFive
OneOneTwo Hug******** $SevenFive
OneOneThree Amo******** $SevenFive
OneOneFour Nov******** $SevenFive
OneOneFive Tua******** $SevenFive
OneOneSix Eve******** $SevenFive
OneOneSeven SAV******** $SevenFive
OneOneEight Jih******** $SevenFive
OneOneNine Hat******** $SevenFive
OneTwo0 HAK******** $SevenFive
OneTwoOne Her******** $SevenFive
OneTwoTwo Ice******** $SevenFive
OneTwoThree Vuw******** $SevenFive
OneTwoFour wOnek******** $SevenFive
OneTwoFive Now******** $SevenFive
OneTwoSix Lex******** $SevenFive
OneTwoSeven Gao******** $SevenFive
OneTwoEight Xji******** $SevenFive
OneTwoNine Fan******** $SevenFive
OneThree0 Man******** $SevenFive
OneThreeOne Dac******** $SevenFive
OneThreeTwo Dfs******** $SevenFive
OneThreeThree Sha******** $SevenFive
OneThreeFour Lol******** $SevenFive
OneThreeFive Qin******** $SevenFive
OneThreeSix Don******** $SevenFive
OneThreeSeven Sia******** $SevenFive
OneThreeEight Kur******** $SevenFive
OneThreeNine ppSeven******** $SevenFive
OneFour0 My.******** $SevenFive
OneFourOne Dub******** $SevenFive
OneFourTwo Som******** $SevenFive
OneFourThree Xia******** $SevenFive
OneFourFour Adi******** $SevenFive
OneFourFive Ate******** $SevenFive
OneFourSix Ecf******** $SevenFive
OneFourSeven Hah******** $SevenFive
OneFourEight Dkz******** $SevenFive
OneFourNine Flo******** $SevenFive
OneFive0 Bla******** $SevenFive
OneFiveOne Wel******** $SevenFive
OneFiveTwo Duh******** $SevenFive
OneFiveThree Sar******** $SevenFive
OneFiveFour Ass******** $SevenFive
OneFiveFive App******** $SevenFive
OneFiveSix Bla******** $SevenFive
OneFiveSeven Joh******** $SevenFive
OneFiveEight Aaa******** $SevenFive
OneFiveNine Ric******** $SevenFive
OneSix0 Kid******** $SevenFive
OneSixOne Raa******** $Five0
OneSixTwo wbOne******** $Five0
OneSixThree Lij******** $Five0
OneSixFour Dan******** $Five0
OneSixFive Zul******** $Five0
OneSixSix Jgs******** $Five0
OneSixSeven Rde******** $Five0
OneSixEight Cla******** $Five0
OneSixNine Gri******** $Five0
OneSeven0 Jac******** $Five0
OneSevenOne Ber******** $Five0
OneSevenTwo Pul******** $Five0
OneSevenThree Wei******** $Five0
OneSevenFour Neo******** $Five0
OneSevenFive Dec******** $Five0
OneSevenSix Qua******** $Five0
OneSevenSeven Ace******** $Five0
OneSevenEight Wan******** $Five0
OneSevenNine San******** $Five0
OneEight0 Fal******** $Five0
OneEightOne Drg******** $Five0
OneEightTwo Ser******** $Five0
OneEightThree Seventi******** $Five0
OneEightFour Car******** $Five0
OneEightFive Gia******** $Five0
OneEightSix Wan******** $Five0
OneEightSeven Rte******** $Five0
OneEightEight Ben******** $Five0
OneEightNine Bad******** $Five0
OneNine0 Val******** $Five0
OneNineOne 00o******** $Five0
OneNineTwo Shu******** $Five0
OneNineThree NineThreeThree******** $Five0
OneNineFour Mas******** $Five0
OneNineFive Tua******** $Five0
OneNineSix Sho******** $Five0
OneNineSix Pok******** $Five0
OneNineEight NineNineOne******** $Five0
OneNineNine @be******** $Five0
Two00 GSevenG******** $Five0
Two0One Gjf******** $Five0
Two0Two Def******** $Five0
Two0Three Fly******** $Five0
Two0Four Sex******** $Five0
Two0Five Mmb******** $Five0
Two0Six Puf******** $Five0
Two0Seven Luc******** $Five0
Two0Eight LEO******** $Five0
Two0Nine Sho******** $Five0
TwoOne0 YWW******** $Five0
TwoOneOne Bby******** $Five0
TwoOneTwo Chr******** $Five0
TwoOneThree Van******** $Five0
TwoOneFour Occ******** $Five0
TwoOneFive Big******** $Five0
TwoOneSix Pok******** $Five0
TwoOneSeven Unc******** $Five0
TwoOneEight OneThreeOne******** $Five0
TwoOneNine Rac******** $Five0
TwoTwo0 Fre******** $Five0
TwoTwoOne Tao******** $Five0
TwoTwoTwo PDD******** $Five0
TwoTwoTwo Msn******** $Five0
TwoTwoFour Zho******** $Five0
TwoTwoFive Unl******** $Five0
TwoTwoSix Bay******** $Five0
TwoTwoSeven Ric******** $Five0
TwoTwoEight Jen******** $Five0
TwoTwoNine Nim******** $Five0
TwoThree0 Jac******** $Five0

Collect the fortune cookie, win the cash prize!



Terms and conditions

· 活动期间为Eight月One日(服务器日常维护之后马上开始)到Eight月ThreeOne日TwoFour:00 UTC+Eight。

In the meantime, play lucky turntable, all game player will get lucky.

You buy all the fortune cookie will accumulate.

&#EightTwoOneOne; 如果一个玩家玩幸运转盘分别在$One和 $Five买入,该玩家参加的是两个单独的比赛。

&#EightTwoOneOne; 玩家的幸运曲奇数量只与本活动有关。

After the event, the bonus will be transferred to the player's balance.

GGNetwork has the right to modify or suspend this event at any time.