NBA tournament recommendation – Warriors VS Wizards

NBA赛事推荐-勇士 VS 奇才-优德W88官网

In February 4, 2016, 09:00 VS is expected to debut both wizards warriors:Warrior:Bogut de Raymond - Green, Harrison, Barnes, clay Thompson, curry;Wizards:Gortat, Potter, Temple, Du Delhi, waldo.

Youter western sports: 10 points for the warriors ".

Warriors (44 wins and 4 losses) has achieved a winning streak, the state is good, they will be a challenge to the Wizards of the day (21 wins and 25 losses) in the next 4 days. Curry, Thompson and Green will be kept in good condition, they have to lead the team to 8 consecutive strong impact. The Wizards just suffered a defeat, we must strive to put pressure on the pool wall, Bill and Gortat to play better, the Wizards hope manufacturing popular in home court.

Although the previous regular season visit to 1 win over the Rockets, but the Wizards failed to continue the victory, the team battle loss 16 points to the thunder, after the game, they nearly 5 battle League lost 4 field, and the 4 defeat, losing more than 110 wizards in almost every game, visible defensive end bad the show is one of the main reasons for low performance team. The other wizards in recent 6 times facing the warriors lost 5 field, 2 of them suffered defeat after home court battle averaging lost 113 points, the team home court against this West Coast powerhouse there is no advantage at all.

The battle on the regular season with 21 points big fried New Yorkers, warriors ho to take seven game winning streak, the team with 44 wins and 4 losses ranked West list, is also the best league team. Since the Champions League season so far the home show is too good, so fans may ignore the warriors of the play, to know that they have so far made 22 wins and 4 negative results. Though the battle score less than Kyle Thompson (scored 34 points), but even with three double Trevor monger is very valuable, you know, is that since Chamberlain, one of the hit rate of 100% (9 on the spot for 9) and handed over three pairs of players.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game let 10 points wins the warrior.