The French sports recommended – nice VS Angus

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In January 16, 2016 03:30Nice VS AngusThe two sides are expected starting:Nice:Cardinale, buyse, Kevin, R. Geneva, Jeremy Gomis. Ed, Jane. Plug in leather, huldt, W., Mahlmann, Germain, Ben ARFA pouchin;Angus:A. laetolil, Gail, John, Andrew. Angula R. Thomas, V., P., Mansaiou Kapiri NDOYE, Romain. Seth, Su Nu, Kejiao toyofuku, Charles deares.

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Saturday morning to start the 21 round of the French league competition, first staged a match between the top teams in the dialogue, Kniss and Angus ranked nearly overwhelmed by touch, There's no telling. Nice winter vacation after the return of the state has ups and downs, the team first in the French Cup 32 encountered Wuzhan, under the final penalty edged out ryan. As for Angus this season with the team at the dark horse posture, temporarily the French second in the standings, the results believe that before the season nor the number of fans can be predicted. It is worth mentioning is that Angus this season away 5 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses, winning even better than home court.

Nice winter break after two games have achieved a draw, both in the French Cup, or in the league, although no longer as in the first half of the season that the team did not lose but stride forward singing militant songs, after all, this is the greatest good for them, nice this season strength no doubt, they just make sure the team keep high morale, that is to say the desire to win this season, they are likely to enter the European theater again, nice now two midfielders can't come because of injury, and the main players are substitute Boleyn Bopumo, but they are just a few forward on time team debut, can guarantee the attack.

Angus after the winter break and continue it, they participated in 2 official games all win, this season up until now they have won 9 games, is the French court in addition to Paris Saint Germain, winning most of the team. The second half of the season, the team is still not a small challenge, after the first half of the season each team for Angus can be said to be very understanding, the team needs changing tactics to adapt to the new needs of the french. From the team's team building strategy can be seen on their season ambition is not merely to avoid relegation.

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