2016-2017 Premier League fifth round

2016-2017 英超第5轮赛事推荐

September 17, 2016 Beijing time 03:00 Premier League fifth round match in the main event of a home court against Liverpool by Chelsea. Chelsea is currently in the League 4 games 3 wins and 1 record ranked second in the standings, while Liverpool ranked sixth in the league, the two teams recently are in good condition, especially the Chelsea coach after the play than the previous season has made great progress.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/9\/17 (Saturday) 03:00 Chelsea Liverpool
2016\/9\/17 (Saturday) 22:00 Hull City A Senna
2016\/9\/17 (Saturday) 22:00 Leicester Burnley
2016\/9\/17 (Saturday) 22:00 Manchester City Bournemouth
2016\/9\/17 (Saturday) 22:00 West Brom West Ham
2016\/9\/18 (Sunday) 03:00 Everton Boro
2016\/9\/18 (Sunday) 19:00 Waterford Manchester
2016\/9\/18 (Sunday) 21:15 Crystal Palace The city of Storck
2016\/9\/18 (Sunday) 21:15 Southampton Swansea
2016\/9\/18 (Sunday) 23:30 Tottenham Sang Delan

2016-2017 英超第5轮赛事推荐ChelseaVSLiverpool

Chelsea在上一轮的比赛,是2比2被主场做战的斯旺西逼平,Chelsea这场比赛本应该可以拿下对手但由于进球领先以后,门将和后卫的失误被对手连搬2球, 在最后科斯塔的一粒进球才扳平比分。不好的消息Chelsea的主力后卫特里在本场比赛扭伤了左脚踝,赛后经过诊断,特里的左脚踝韧带扭伤,Chelsea官方通报他将休 养10天。这样一来特里将错过与Liverpool的比赛以及联赛杯与Leicester的比赛。本场比赛不出预料应该是由路易斯顶替特里出场。如果本场比赛没有拿下对手那么积分 将会有大的变化。


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