Toad, golden cup, and Kinde gold Vatican slot machine water return 0.4%


All members of the NET\/PNG\/ISB\/TTG\/QT\/PP\/BS\/GOS\/UC8 platform to enjoy 0.4% back to water, beautiful ultra clear screen, a huge explosion award game! Back to the water that is to play, you can withdraw without betting!

Rules and provisions:

  1. This offer fromJanuary 9, 2017In force, all active members in total W88 youter according to bet, Jinchan golden cup, and gold Kinde Vatican slot machine club, enjoy 0.4% high return water.
  2. Return water without water, can be withdrawn immediately.
  3. The instant water return, minimum payout of 5 yuan, have the highest payout limit.
  4. Immediate return to water only when the week, if you forget to click to apply for water last week, you can contact the online customer service application (only last week).
  5. All the desktop & cards, video poker, arcade games, the total amount of bets and some scratch slot machine game does not apply to this offer.
  6. This product is not available for the following items, please click here.
  7. After landing the account, open the personal data page, click back water state, and apply for immediate return water.
  8. This offer cannot be shared with the existing deposit bonus.
  9. Youter W88 the general terms and conditions apply to this offer.