2016-2017 NBA season full schedule

NBA 2016-2017赛季赛程2016-17 NBA season is the seventy-first season of the NBA league. The season officially began on October 25, 2016, until April 2017. There are 30 teams in the league and will play in the last 82 games. In all seasons after the event, the East and west coast of the top eight teams will enter the playoffs to compete for their NBA held in June of the same year the NBA finals.


What is NBA?

Association (National Basketball), referred to as NBA, is composed of thirty teams of men's Professional Basketball League, brings together the world's top players.


NBA how many teams are there?

NBA a total of thirty teams, the Eastern Division and the western division of the 15 teams.

The western district has been divided into the northwest division, Pacific Division, Southwest Division, each division consists of five teams:

2016-2017 NBA team


October 26th 2016-2017NBA season officially started (opening day)

October 2016 schedule

2016-10-26 Wednesday

2016-10-27 Thursday

2016-10-28 Friday

2016-10-29 Saturday

2016-10-30 Sunday

2016-10-31 Monday

November 2016 schedule

2016-11-01 Tuesday

2016-11-02 Wednesday

2016-11-03 Thursday

2016-11-04 Friday

2016-11-05 Saturday

2016-11-06 Sunday

2016-11-07 Monday

2016-11-08 Tuesday

2016-11-09 Wednesday

2016-11-10 Thursday

2016-11-11 Friday

2016-11-12 Saturday

2016-11-13 Sunday

2016-11-14 Monday

2016-11-15 Tuesday

2016-11-16 Wednesday


December 2016 schedule
2017 01 month schedule

2017-01-01 Sunday

2017 02 month schedule
2017 03 month schedule
2017 04 month schedule

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