European Cup – Germany VS France

赛事Germany VS France

July 8, 2016 03:00Germany VS FranceDouble fat is expected to start as follows,German team:Neuer, Boateng, Hoewedes, Hector, kimmich, Cross, Schweinsteiger, Mesut Ozil, drachsler, Goetze, Muller;French team:Lori, in the article, Mudi Sagna, Evra, Mattu Edie, koscielny, Boba, Sissoko, Gregory, Giroux, Saltzman peille.

Youter western sports: Germany -0 ball chupan.

The second European Cup semi-final in Marseille, Weiluode Roma stadium, the tournament so far, France into a total of 11 goals, is the highest scoring team in the top 24. In addition, France is the European Cup is the history of the first team scored 5 header, the previous record was 4 goals in Portugal in 2000 European cup. While the German team is the tournament goals conceded team, currently only lost 1 balls. This contradiction duel, a classic battle worth looking forward to.

The quarter finals against Italy, the German team effort, finally kick out of opponents, the end of the contest when Italy winless streak. However, the epic duel let the German team vitality, defender Hummel J suspended, Gomes and Khedira injured, and three people are after the German team players, especially Gomes, in front of the people. It is difficult to replace, in the face of momentum as the rainbow host, the German team is clearly at a disadvantage.

The European Cup host team a total of 4 finals, winning 3 of them, including the 1984 French Cup at home, but the next 32 years, there is no host the European Cup winning record, the best result was in 2004, when Portugal beat Greece won the runner up. The last two European cups, jointly sponsored by Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, all out of the team. France previously held in the local contest in 17 games unbeaten (15 wins and 2 draws), this time they can win again to host identity, first you need to break through the German. In the current round of the shooter standings, Glenn Seidman led by 4 goals, Gigi, Payet into the ranks of the top 3 ranked in the top second. The Three Musketeers against Germany, France also hopes to double strike shock golden boot.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended France tied the set wins.