The advantages and disadvantages of players to share the fun and betting skills


Not long ago, a W88 game player youter loyal to Xiaobian Advisory Network [] in the customer feedback information sent a letter. Information content is the player to write an article on the happiness of the pros and cons of color and betting skills to share the article. Follow the small series with a look, whether you will feel!

The advantages and disadvantages of happy color and betting skills sharing

A few years ago, just play happy color, I think one day I will be able to "Rijin daughter". In order to achieve this goal, almost in addition to work outside the time, spent in the fun of betting on the above, probably the same experience and everyone. In the past few years, almost all of the losses, just started to hope to earn hundreds of dollars a day on top of the good. And then struggle for more than 2 years, and finally mastered a certain BET method, this method is often master broken cable way".


Indeed, until now, a program to money, this is no problem. But my desire is not on this, so I'm constantly exploring new ways to bet. In the end in any way, in front of the digital games we have found, cannot withstand a single blow, 20 times of single and double single and double, or 20 times the single or double line, long before, countless dead in these lines? Too horrible to look at, until now, as inevitable. With these puzzles, for some time I was extremely depressed, and even want to give up this digital game betting investment. I used to play football, read some books about the theory of mathematics and the theory of investment, and completely change my position in the game.


Below the level of thinking and levels of reality and share the advantages and disadvantages of happy color, what is called, victorious!

Why is it so attractive?

[realistic level]

Happy color for 6 countries, all kept open. Relative to baccarat and so on, it can be said that the possibility of cheating this thing is relatively small. Because all the chips in the world, although the lottery betting amount by the actual effect, after all, is a computer program, but it is a relatively fair, but it is also a happy color of "fraud". The lottery is very frequently, you can imagine, your brain is only one, but have to face the digital game for 5 minutes at a time, even if a mathematician may not keep that high-speed operation to decide how to bet, so a lot of time, our mind is overused, why would eventually "throw the helve after the hatchet".? Think that time is not dizzy, because it has already been the high-speed operation of the consumption finally uncontrollable impulse.


[thinking level]

Our thinking is actually a single, which is like the day we read the book, the teacher taught us that this is a flat on the table. On the front, is indeed a horizontal plane on the table, because you stand at the same angle, if one day you stand in the earth's atmosphere, this is a place in the sphere of the above table, if one day you stand in the solar system, you can determine this is where to put the table right?? Well, when we see a happy way run out, both single and double, long, very natural idea is to catch up with, or against it, finally is continuously cast times, until a clear pocket. Because our starting point is the same, so the same view, the same method, the result is not always the same, that is the last are light pocket.


As a player, what is our advantage?

[first]:Approach selection is very important!

Countless investors, Buffett, then the choice before entering the stage is particularly important. As the saying goes: the armed forces did not move, the forage.


[Second]:A day of betting plan, how much loss, win?

I do not know whether everyone in the bet, the calculation of their plans to vote? There is no specific betting amount? I believe that most people are the same, unplanned random, always like to rely on intuition. Until now, I believe that any investment can not rely on direct. Don't know what the tottering foe Mo chase, you can understand, your brain is your fighting force! You can not always look at 1000 of the principal, every day to earn a profit of $1000, 100%, can be done in one or two days, but every day is impossible. So we have a realistic plan to allocate their own chips and principal assets.


Personal opinion: [the principal amount of $1000, the lowest turnover of 20 yuan, the maximum not more than 100 yuan note, for optimal allocation. The principal amount of $10000, optimal allocation is a minimum of 50 yuan note, not exceeding a maximum of 200 yuan. ]

Why? Because this is the best way to prevent you from making a double throw, because you have made a mistake by starting your first note. The most terrible is not to admit mistakes, eventually. So, so far, I would like to share with you is: want to reverse the cable or broken cable are very risky bet. This method can be a safe profit.


My bet method

One is to share: from the perspective of the length of time a day above, everything has the strength of the critical point, it is the trend of the theory. ". After we see waves of dense long, is not like the attack, after the climax, everything is dull, it is time for you is not the best time to sell? Time can beat everything.



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To share the joy of color betting skills first wrote here! Hope that through W88 youter Advisory Network staff will convey their own experience to give you the color of the faithful. Also wish you in your website can play a happy, good luck again and again!


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