2016-2017 Premier League first round

2016-2017 英超第1轮赛事推荐

Beijing time on August 13, 2016 (Saturday) late 19:302016-2017 England Super League fighting, which promoted Maher city at home court against defending champion Leicester city. Maher, promoted the city's pre-season form, the new season main goal of defending champion Leicester City firm footing; before the season bad, the new season is difficult.

2016-2017 英超第1轮赛事推荐

Hull city VS Leicester City

Team status

Hull City Championship last season ranked fourth, through the play offs after the lapse of a year again werepromoted. The team to prepare for the new season in the warm-up tournament, 8 games 5 wins 2 flat 1 negative results, but opponents are not strong, to a position in the Serie A team lost 1-2 to Turin, at the end of match 7 game unbeaten record. The city of Hull despite the rise in the new season of the Premier League, but did not have any signings in the Premier League action, so capital abundant, the performance is really hard to fathom.

2016-2017 英超第1轮赛事推荐

Leicester city last season miraculously won the Premier League Championship, the team new season still retains most of the main title, only one person left midfielder Kanter, but also for the team lineup force has introduced Kapusika, striker Moussa and midfielder pouchin et al to reinforce the team. Leicester city carried out a number of friendlies in the new season, but the performance is not satisfactory to fans, record 1 flat 4 negative only made nearly 5 games, which were defeated in Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona and other wealthy teams. At the start of the new season cup and Community Shield game in 1-2 defeat to Manchester United, the team in the new season before the performance is quite bad, no Premier League status, midfielder Kanter seemed to lose the city of Leicester, in the new season of the difficult road.

2016-2017 英超第1轮赛事推荐

Battle track

The last 10 games, Hull made only 2 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses, the last fight in the British Cup tournament, the two teams 0-0.

2016-2017 英超第1轮赛事推荐

Game analysis

The city of Hull is promoted the polo team in the new season, the state is very good, but the overall strength of the city a lot less to Bilaisite. Look up to the outside world champions Leicester City, but the advantage is not big, also to enhance the confidence of many Leicester city. In view of the city of Leicester without Kanter the midfielder, and the team in pre-season before the season is bad, the new season in the first game of running the team level remains to be seen, Leicester City Wensheng unspeakable.

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