Supreme VIP enjoy Disney Dream TourThe activity is over, thank you!


Effective betting total deposits and 450 thousand of the total turnover of 7 million 500 thousand and at least 10 days, youter take you on magical journey, go from Disneyland in Shanghai!

Rules and provisions: 

1 activity time begins at on 2016, 07, 00:00:00, at 23:59:59 on May 07, (Beijing time).
2 this activity is only applicable to the registration of VIP W88 youter VIP membership of rmb.
During the 3 activities in accordance with the following requirements of the members can obtain "Shanghai Disneyland two days one night" tickets.

Total deposit Current bankroll Active days
450 thousand 7 million 500 thousand 10 days

4.会员在活动期间至少有10 days有效投注,以及满足Total deposit额450 thousand和Current bankroll7 million 500 thousand元。
5 to meet the requirements of the members will receive 5000 yuan worth of "Shanghai's two day night" package.
6 we will contact the qualified members within 5 working days after the discount, please keep the phone open.
7 this event does not apply to Dezhou mahjong, poker and fishing games.
8, to draw any gambling, canceled, invalid bureau does not count as a valid card single note, a single injection of sports effectively betting only 1.5 plate (or Hongkong 0.5) above the handicap betting; and racing greyhounds will be calculated in the effective betting amounts. 9 youter W88 has the right at any time to the individual and \/ or all members, suspend or cancel the preferential activities.
10 youter W88 general terms and conditions apply to this offer.