2016 Rio Olympic schedule


Olympic year, Brazil dream. The thirty-first Summer Olympic Games will be held in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro on August 5th. Rio will be the first South American city to host the games and the first Portuguese city to host the games.


List of major sports events

List of major sports events-优德W88官网

This year, the Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation can guarantee about 25 to 27 gold medals. This figure is not too optimistic. It basically guarantees the Rio Olympic record will not be lower than the Sydney Olympics, and there is no small probability of more than 32 gold medals in the Athens olympics. But if you are on par with the London Olympic Games 38 gold medals, China team needs to win 11 to 13 gold medals in other projects, quite difficult.


After crossed the home court advantage in the Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese won 38 gold medals in the four years before the London Olympic Games history second best record. This year's Rio Olympics?


Held in late June "preparing for the Rio Olympics briefing, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration of sports department Liu syrofox revealed that this year the number of Chinese delegation athletes will be close to 400 people, will participate in 26 sports in 220 events.


Despite the absence of two large, this is the Beijing Olympic Games Chinese delegation is closest to the full session, London Olympic Games Chinese missed the big 3, the Sydney Olympic Games missed a 4, the Olympic Games in Athens despite the items is 26, but in a small number of projects only 203.


Each session of the Olympic team although has always been changing, but the international competition is basically unchanged. "Compared with the United States, China and Russia, the United States has the strongest strength, is in a leading position, China and Russia are quite strength." Liu Aijie said.


With the Rio Olympic Games approaching, the Chinese delegation in weightlifting, swimming, table tennis, shooting, diving and badminton and other traditional strengths have a clear goal of gold. Comprehensive world championships or World Cup record last year, the six traditional strengths of the Chinese team has a greater grasp of the gold medal to get to 25 to 27.


Britain, Germany, Japan and other advantages in many small spare no effort to catch up, and this year Chinese competition will be very intense, the advantages of the project team Chinese impact, the situation is far more serious when the London Olympic Games, even with the Athens olympics. Perhaps the same as the Chinese delegation, this year the Chinese audience also need to learn to lower expectations.


2016 Rio Olympics

Match date Beijing time Items Small Hot stars
August 6th 03:30 the next day 19:30- Shooting Women's 10 m air rifle final Yi
August 7th 06:00-08:00 Weightlifting Women's 48 kg class final Jiang Hui flower
August 7th 09:00-10:55 Swimming Men's 400 meters freestyle final Sun Yang
August 8th 02:00-03:10 Diving Women's three meters final Wu Minxia
August 8th 03:00-05:35 Fencing Men's foil individual final thunder
August 9th 02:0-03:15 Diving Men's ten meters final Yue
August 9th 03:00-06:00 Artistic Gymnastics The men's team final China and Japan
August 9th 06:00-08:00 Weightlifting Men's 62 kg class A finals Chen Lijun
August 9th 09:00-11:00 Swimming Men's 200 meters freestyle final Sun Yang
August 10th 02:00-03:10 Diving Women's ten meters final Chen
August 10th 02:30-04:30 Weightlifting Women's 63 kg class A finals Tang Wei
August 10th 03:00-05:15 Artistic Gymnastics The women's team final China, the United States and Russia
August 10th 06:00-08:00 Weightlifting Men's 69 kg class A finals Zhiyong
August 10th 09:00-11:10 Swimming 4X200 meter freestyle relay final China
August 11th 02:00-03:15 Diving Men's three meters final Qin
August 11th 02:30-04:30 Weightlifting Women's 69 kg class A finals Xiangyanmei
August 11th 03:00-05:45 Artistic Gymnastics Men's all-around final Uchimura Kohei
August 11th 07:30-09:45 Table Tennis Women's singles final Ding Ning
August 11th 09:00-11:25 Swimming Men's 100 meters freestyle final Ningzetao
August 11th 02:30 the next day 20:00- Fencing The women's epee Team Final China
August 12th 03:00-05:10 Artistic Gymnastics Women's all-around final There
August 12th 07:30-09:45 Table Tennis Men's singles final Malone
August 13th 01:00-03:15 Trampoline Women's singles online final He Wenna
August 13th 01:30-03:10 Athletics Men's 20km Race Walk Chen
August 13th 02:30-04:30 Weightlifting Women's 75 kg class A finals Yue Kang
August 13th 03:00-06:10 Bicycle Ladies' Team Sprint Free China
August 13th 04:00-06:50 Fencing The men's foil Team Final China
August 14th 01:00-03:15 Trampoline Men's singles online final Dongdong
August 14th 07:00-10:15 Athletics Men's long jump final Jin zhe Li
August 14th 07:00-10:15 Athletics Women's 100 meters final Fraser
August 14th 09:00-10:40 Swimming Men's 1500 meters freestyle final Sun Yang
August 14th 18:30-03:00 Golf The men's final round Rory Mcilroy
August 15th 01:00-04:00 Artistic Gymnastics 男子鞍马、自由Artistic Gymnastics、女子高低杠、跳马决赛 Zou Kai, Yao Jinnan
August 15th 03:00-04:30 Diving Women's three meters final Wu Minxia
August 15th 07:15-09:30 Athletics Men's 100m final Boulter, Su Bingtian
August 16th 01:00-03:15 Artistic Gymnastics The men's vault, rings, women's balance beam final Fanyilin
August 17th 01:00-03:15 Artistic Gymnastics 男子单杠、双杠、女子自由Artistic Gymnastics决赛 Zou Kai, You Hao
August 17th 04:00-06:00 Diving Men's three meters final Ho Chiu
August 17th 06:30-09:45 Table Tennis Women's team final China
August 17th 07:15-09:30 Athletics Men's high jump final Zhang
August 17th 00:30 the next day 19:30- Badminton Mixed doubles final Zhang Nan \/ Zhao Yunlei
August 18th 06:30-09:45 Table Tennis Men's team final China
August 18th 00:30 the next day 19:30- Badminton Women's doubles final Zhao Yunlei \/ Tian
August 19th 03:00-04:30 Diving Women's 10 meters final Chen
August 19th 05:30-09:35 Athletics Men's 200 meters final Boulter
August 19th 00:30 the next day 19:30- Badminton The women's singles final Li Xuerui \/ Ma Lin
August 20th 01:30-03:15 Athletics The women's 20 km race finals Liu Hong1
August 20th 04:30-07:30 Football Women's final
August 20th 07:10-10:00 Athletics Men's 4X100 meter relay final Jamaica and the United States
August 20th 18:30-03:00 Golf The women's individual run-off Shanshan Feng
August 20th 00:30 the next day 19:30- Badminton The men's singles final lindane
August 21st 02:30-05:30 Basketball The women's basketball final
August 21st 03:30-05:10 Diving Men's 10 meters final Bo Qiu
August 21st 04:30-07:30 Football Football Final
August 21st 09:15-11:30 Volleyball Women's volleyball final China
August 22nd 02:45-05:15 Basketball Men's basketball final James, Kobe


"Although Brazil is facing a political crisis and a recession in the wake of the president's impeachment, the August 5th Rio De Janeiro Olympics, which will be opened soon, will be a spectacular success, and will be spectacular," he said."


There is an old saying: "the Brazilian tourists all over the world, saving money is not to go to Brazil to enjoy the sunshine, the beach, barbecue? And this kind of enjoyment is at the door of our house." Perhaps in this series of crises between the Rio Olympic Games, the world will be about to become a turning point in Brazil.