The Champions League 1\/4 finals – Bayern Munich VS Benfica

Bayern Munich VS Benfica

Beijing time 2:45 on April 6th, 2015-16 season Champions League 1\/4 finals in the first round of competition. Bayern Munich home court against Benfica, the Bundesliga giants two consecutive season in the Champions League quarter finals against the Portuguese team in Bayern, staged in the home court against Portuguese team many times the Benfica massacre, fraught with grim possibilities.

Bayern Munich VS Benfica

Forecast starting

Bayern, Munich (4-1-4-1): 1- Neuer \/21-, 8- Martinez, 27-,, 18-, \/14-, \/25-,, 19-,, 6-,, 7-, and the of the \/9-, in, China

Benfica (4-4-2): 1- Edson - Morais \/19-, Elisei U 14-, Lindelof 7-, Semedo \/85- and Renato 50-, Maurice Sanchez, 5- 21-, 10- Gaitan, Shah Faisal \/17- Jonas pcchi, Dmytro Olu 11-

15-16 Champions League 1\/4 final first leg will be at the Allianz Arena, Bayern, Munich against the Portuguese giants Benfica home court. The recent condition is good, Bayern from the Champions League 1\/8 final 1\/4 finals has survived, and now do not want to make mistakes. Benfica in the domestic invincible, more recently scored 8 game winning streak, to the Allianz Arena, their goal is to take away goals even retreat. The campaign will be a leading Bayern offensive game, see Benfica defender will hold Bayern fire.

Battle record

The two teams in the history of the European war has played 6 times, Bayern, Munich, 4 wins and 2 draws unbeaten, the most recent clash between the two teams or to be traced back to the 1995-96 season UEFA cup. The history of Bayern and other Portuguese league team had 24 Games record of 14 wins, 8 draws and 2 defeats occupy absolute advantage, while other Bundesliga team Benfica and played against a total of 40 times, record of 12 wins 13 flat 15 negative.


Previously, 6 times against Bayern and Benfica in the Champions League, Bayern 4 wins, 2 unbeaten. It is worth mentioning that in Bayern and Benfica met is not much, but as long as the opponent can at least reach the finals, and the 3 meeting two times, Bayern won the final (a runner). The 1975-76 Champions League, Bayern in the 1\/4 finals two round total score 5-1 victory over Benfica, eventually won the championship. 1981-82 season, Bayern two round total score 8-2.

The elimination of Benfica, all the way to the finals but finished runner up to Vera. The 1995-96 season of the UEFA Cup, Bayern again met Benfica, a Bayern 1\/8 finals, the total score 7-2 win, and ultimately win the UEFA cup.

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