Introduction – slot machine Club toad Club (NET)

金蟾俱乐部-优德W88官网Slot machine club a net entertainment toad (NET production) platform, the award-winning innovative game, top sound animation, give you a hitherto unknown visual experience! Experience it immediately.


Toad club has many game types for the game player who choose, popular games, new games, video slot machines, slot machines, 3D jackpot, video poker, card games, board games, sports games, scratch, high note games, happy color, there is always a right for you!

Is added to the new high note sports games, games and fun, let you enjoy more ultimate entertainment experience!

The following small inventory for you the most popular game ever.

TOP1: Tower of steam


During Free Spins, all claims will be multiplied by multiplier. The multiplier will be updated every time before Free Spins, depending on the floor. When the game was promoted to the top (Sixteenth), will reward 1000 coin game player value multiplied by the bet level bonuses to win the award.

TOP2: Dracula


In the main game, the function will be randomly activated bat, but each time the rotation will only activate once. During Free Spins, each time the rotation or activation of the bat featured features, but each rotation will only activate once.

The activation of the bat features, bat will fly into and to stop in the collective formation on a rotating shaft. All bats in the collective will be converted into the same random symbol, including the Wild symbol.

TOP3: crime scene


Bonus symbol: 3 Bonus symbols can activate Bonus Games. Only Bonus Games for each rotation. The more bets in the main game, the higher the winning rate in Bonus Games.

Sticky Wild: Sticky Wilds won the prize will be paid by X3 times. Appears on the reel Sticky Wilds will take effect in the 5 rotation. The Sticky Wild symbol may be used to replace all symbols, except for the Bonus symbol. Multiple Sticky Wilds that appear on the reel is a separate Sticky Wilds. The number of rotations will not be added.

TOP4: Crazy reel


The matching symbol on any of the three or more adjacent reels from the left scroll to the right scroll is the winning combination.

The Wild symbol appears only on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the main game and Free Spin. Wild symbol can replace all symbols.

The fifth time after the spin win win combination can activate the 8 Free Spin. Free Spin has 3125 ways to win the prize.

TOP5: double rotation


The matching symbol for any position on the three or more adjacent scrolls from the left scroll to the right scroll is the winning combination.

Highest win 270000 game currency, in 243 ways. Each rotation starts with the same and adjacent connected double reels. When rotating, the double scroll can be extended into three, four or even a five - scroll. At the beginning of each rotation, the same double scroll may appear in the adjacent form on any of the 5 scrolls.

Below small simple introduce Jinchan slot machine game "set function, convenient to use you in the days after the game more convenient.

Betting function


[in] the Dodger games as an example. On the main page of the game, you can view all the features of the game. Each function item can click on the corresponding button to view. The amount of your profits, game records and Query options will be displayed on the main page of the game. (as shown below)


Click on the "Circular" icon on the home page, which is the "spin" button, and then click on the game. You can also "game settings" option is changed to "press the spacebar to rotate, click on the" V ". (as shown below)



Click on the lower left side of the main page of the small wrench icon, you can query the game settings. You can according to their own preferences and needs, marked in the options: "tick" can set the game. (as shown below)


If you want to remove the game page sound effects, you can click on the bottom left of the page of the "little horn" icon, when the "little horn" as "X", the top of the "audio" option in the background of "sound" and "sound" in front of the "V" will automatically disappear. "Silent" mode. If you want to check the game record, please click on the game history to view. (as shown below)


"?" Icon: you can query the game rules of the game, the game features, etc.. "AUTO": Click to open the automatic game settings menu, automatically play the game, select the number of automatic game rounds, or open the advanced settings, configure to stop the automatic game options. (as shown below)



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