The new version of W88 mobile phone youter

优德W88全新手机版-优德W88官网Youter W88 mobile phone edition has been fully upgrade! User friendly interface, a client contains all the Games: sports, real people, slot machines, happy color, etc.. Easy installation, no need to jailbreak or brush machine. Security and frequent updates to ensure that your game is smooth. A clear and simple operation interface, mobile game interesting as in the palm of your hand, download experience!

You can according to their own mobile phone system [scan two-dimensional code] or click [Download] download the mobile client.

Android mobile client


A mobile phone version of the Android four mobile phone, offer slot machines, live entertainment city, happy color and sports four products, the new version without re loading, you can directly install the game! Add cashier, deposits, withdrawals, transfers and historical records in one hand, easy entertainment! Even the world's best youter W88 exclusive WeChat a deposit, unique, unique! Youter W88 to help you master the betting minutes whenever and wherever possible, profit!Four in one play games, as provided in the palm of second deposit speed!

Download and install

如果您的手机已经安装CLUB W客户端,无需卸载,即可安装。如果您没有安装,小编帮您轻松完成Download and install。

Youter login W88 website to[mobile page]Scan two-dimensional code download. At this point you can use the two-dimensional code scanner to scan the corresponding two-dimensional code download, the following steps:


Download and install,即可游戏. As follows:


Clang clang! New features, the end of the explosion teller, one hand! Full use and web version is no different!

Page introduction

Landing page increased [registered account] function, easy phone registration! Operation and web version of the same!


The left side of the menu bar, as follows:


[report]:Select the start time and end time you need to query, click the magnifying glass icon, you can find the total amount of bets and win \/ lose situation.


[rule]:Drop down menu to view all the rules of the game.


[desk]:Deposits, transfers, withdrawals, cashier history, the four functions of money.

[deposit]:WeChat is currently the most convenient payment. Single limit 20.00-1000 yuan.

Small series will introduce you,Mobile phone new deposit WeChatThe real one step deposit account!



[transfer]:Function and website operation, you can show or hide the balance, select the wallet transfer completed immediately.

安卓手机四合一转账功能1 安卓手机四合一转账功能2

[drawing]:Enter your corresponding withdrawal information.


Success account! You can pass[history]Check the money, as shown below.


[online chat]:7X24 hours a year full of quality online customer service team to serve you.

[out]:If you want to exit the client: Please click on logout.

Mobile web page


HTML5 mobile phone version of the site for any mobile phone can browse the web. Login experience now

Youter login W88 website to[mobile page]扫描二维码进入到Mobile web page。此时您可以使用【二维码扫描器】扫描相应二维码,如下步骤操作:


After successful login, the main page covers your personal information, games, capital management, concessions, and online customer service, to meet all of your functional requirements!


You can use the phone for deposits, transfers, withdrawals, historical inquiries, no two jump page, you can complete all operations.

Apple mobile client


You can easily step 5 in the apple IOS mobile phone playing sports, entertainment, and happy color slot machine game. Whatever you choose, play what you want!

[mobile phone scan two-dimensional code download]

Login youter W88 official website, click[mobile]And then use the phone to scan two-dimensional code scanner[apple (IOS)]After two dimensional code, click[installation]View[equipment management]. As follows:

Apple mobile client扫描安装

Into a mobile phone【设置】-【通用】-[equipment management], click"XingLong County Environmental Protection Co., Ltd, KangXing" =>信任此应用. As follows:


Set successfully. You can log in to your[user name]and[password]后开始IOS苹果手机游戏啦. As follows:


Apple mobile client四合一游戏任您选择:Sports \/ entertainment \/ slot machine \/ happy color. As follows:


For more details, please consult 7X24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!