Premier League events – Arsenal VS Liverpool

英超赛事推荐-Arsenal VS Liverpool

August 14, 2016 23:00Arsenal VS LiverpoolThe two sides are expected to start:A Senna:Cech, Chambers, Monreal, Beilailin, Haldin, Zaka and Cazorla, Ivo Ramsey, Chamberlain, Sanchez;Liverpool:Mineo Eli, Skrtel, Emre, Nicolas - James, Joe - Allen, Henderson, Moreno, Stryn, Lallana, Sturidge, Coutinho.

Youter western sports: Arsenal - ball chupan 0-0.5.

The 16\/17 season England Super League first round of the war occupation with a focus on war, Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium against rival Liverpool reds. Although the two teams have state problems, Arsenal defense stretched, Liverpool is unstable, but the two sides are determined to win the game.

The season hasn't started, Arsenal have suffered injuries, two defender per Mertesacker and Gabriel have been injured in the warm-up match. In addition, because Koscielny participated in the European Cup finals this summer delayed return, the first round basically decided not to play. As a result, leaving only two defenders and Chambers Haldin for deployment of Arsenal, which was just holding this summer to join the Gunners young players can assume responsibility is unknown in this contest, the game against Liverpool, Arsenal's defensive line, especially in the guard position is undoubtedly the weakest link.

Liverpool last season by the UEFA Cup and the League Cup on many fronts, eventually ranked eighth Premiership season ended, the team last season passes the top more than and 2 threat, but also the more than and 2 shots, scored 63 goals ranked sixth, was shot second times less, but the number is as high as 80 goals. Team offensive and defensive ends need to improve efficiency. Took over midway klopp led Liverpool to the eighth League, the team continue to strengthen the squad this summer, 41 million euros, 27 million 590 thousand euros to bring Wijnaldum to introduce money during a game last week, more than 4 to 0 victory over Barcelona, the Liverpool team at the Emirates Stadium is full of bottom gas.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Liverpool transferee Pingban wins.