European Cup – Hungary VS Portugal


June 23, 2016 00:00Hungary VS PortugalThe two sides are expected to start:Hungary:Kilali, JUHSZ, Lang, Gu Azee Mis, Qatar, Klein Haessler, Glasgow, Najib, de dzsudzsak, Price Kim, Stiber;Portugal:Vieri Nia, Pepe, Ricardo, Patricio Carvalho, eliseu, William - Carvalho, Renato - Sanchez, Quaresma, Moutinho, C Ronaldo, Nani.

Youter western sports: ball chupan Portugal -1.

C Ronaldo can break the current European Cup Demons: as one of the most striking star, C Ronaldo in the first two games of the performance just passable, the last round against Austria C, even missed a penalty. At the end of the round will usher in Portugal Portugal fans have to fight to win or die, in the C Ronaldo, Real Madrid superstar in nearly 1 months ago by the Milky Way warships raised under pressure and the Champions League, he can break the demons led Portugal to qualify from the group this time?

Group phase two cruised before the game is considered to be the weakest groups in Hungary topped the ranking with 4 points, the game team draw if can ensure outlet. The team can achieve good results in the first two rounds, still rely on aggressive defense, their two full backs rarely plug assists, with long, and are in front of the opportunity to attack by troops with the completion of less practical. Old goalkeeper Kilali although there is a fatal mistake to play the game, but the rest of the time and then resist the high number of shots saved by the opponent, although Ru de Zach has been in front of the occupation peak, but in the team still plays an irreplaceable role.

Two rounds of the Portuguese team only got 2 points, the game even if you want to win is not insurance, only to get three points in order to ensure that the outlet. Just beyond Figo became the national team record holder C Ronaldo also suffered considerable pressure, after all, the penalty kick, let the team failed to get three points, while Messi in the Copa America's performance is very good. Before the two war in the face of playing anti opponents, the team still lack of patience on the offensive end, although C Lo ability is very strong, and Nani in the national team can perform better than the club, but the Red Army or the lack of a Costa's Rui - such a playmaker, defensive line, older, although the defense has not suffered too big test, but once entered the playoffs, the team is still a lot of problems.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to let 1 ball wins in portugal.