2016-2017 Premier League twentieth round

2016-2017 英超第20轮赛事推荐

The 2016\/17 Premier League season, the twentieth round will be staged on January 2, 2017 20:30, the home court against Middlesbrough at Leicester City, two teams in the past 10 games against Middlesbrough winless, in absolute lee.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/1\/2 (Monday) 20:30 Boro Leicester
2017\/1\/2 (Monday) 23:00 Everton Southampton
2017\/1\/2 (Monday) 23:00 Manchester City Burnley
2017\/1\/2 (Monday) 23:00 Sunderland Liverpool
2017\/1\/2 (Monday) 23:00 West Brom Hull City
2017\/1\/3 (Tuesday) 1:15 West Ham Manchester United
2017\/1\/4 (Wednesday) 3:45 Bournemouth A Senna
2017\/1\/4 (Wednesday) 4:00 Crystal Palace Swansea
2017\/1\/4 (Wednesday) 4:00 Stoke City Waterford
2017\/1\/5 (Thursday) 4:00 Spurs Chelsea


Middlesbrough - 5 times in the past in the home court face Leicester City recorded a dismal record of 2 flat 3 negative, team strength is far less than the city of blue fox, because the two teams have a certain pressure of Baoji, round of 3 points is very important.
• 作为上赛季英冠亚军的米德尔斯堡升上英超之后展现不俗的竞争力,特别是主场抢分势头不俗,赛季至今面对实力相近的Swansea、赫尔城以及Bournemouth均能够全取3分,主战能力较为出色。

- the champions Leicester City this season to focus on the Champions League, the trend is quite low, the race past still need to avoid relegation, this time at Middlesbrough and not as sure as a gun.
From the previous confrontation, Leicester City in the past 6 years has not tried lost to Middlesbrough, this has obvious psychological advantage, and played nearly 3 times, every city of blue fox can scored 2 goals, erudite.
• 值得一提的是莱切斯特城本赛季客场战绩十分不济,最近9次各项赛事作客竟然一胜难求,全无去年的抢分势头,近期连续5场都有失球,即使面对保级球队Sunderland也未能保持清白之身。

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game features a tie plate Sheng city recommend rice.